15 Triggers To Prime Your Greatness

Prime Your Greatness! You know that sometimes leadership doesn’t feel like leadership. When the sandpaper of adult life wears you down and makes everything burn, when you feel distant and disconnected, use these triggers to prime your greatness—-prime the pump and replenish you toward the greatness you know is within you.

1. Revisit the works of leaders who transmuted the ugliness of life’s trenches into greatness. You too can be one of the unselfish few who recognize that toil and effort is dwarfed by the value created.

2. Remember your purpose. It’s easier to first build strong leadership than it is to repair broken relationships. The energy to apologize, rebuild trust, regain respect and recreate buy in is less costly and better spent up front.

3. A day is a terrible thing to waste. Never let momentum wane. Use the energy of today to create a better tomorrow.

4. Leaders have the opportunity to prevent problems not just treat symptoms. Don’t address conflict, prevent it. Cultivate well-being with every step. Be proactive rather than reactive.

5. Instead of wishing things were easier make yourself better, stronger, faster, smarter. Invest in yourself. Education serves the past. Learners will bring about the future.

Prime Your Greatness

6. Forget about perfection. Show the world how you manage imperfection.

7. Awareness is underrated. Day-by-day nothing seems to change. But when you look back at retirement, you suddenly realize everything has changed.

8. Remember, The caterpillar thought he was dead… then he became a butterfly!

9. Far worse than doing nothing to replenish and invest in yourself is not realizing how much it matters.

10. Trust that moving through the tough times with full integrity will make you even better, stronger, faster and smarter. David would not have become king without Goliath.

11. Leadership is like improvisation. You can’t pick your crisis. You have to be ready for anything to happen because it usually does. Go beyond mere training…prepare to perform consistently well on demand!

Prime Your Greatness

12. The best defense is a strong offense. A good defense is enough to keep you afloat but not underway. Build an offense that propels you to transcend daily frustrations, disappointments and communal negativity.

13. Leaders have the ability to become the master over their destiny rather than the servant of their circumstances. Create your days don’t react to them.

14. Leaders are careful with what they assume. Assumptions can readily put you in the often wrong, never in doubt league.

15. Remember, enthusiasm will take you anywhere you want to go. Nothing great ever came about without it.

It is incumbent on leaders (you) to be in condition to motivate and inspire in the face of problems, friction, frustrations and disappointments. Prime Your Greatness!

Improvement must be sought out, built and created. Only wine gets better with age. Leaders must create and sustain momentum making sure that their leadership always looks and feels like leadership.


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