Private Coaching

This is where you will learn about our approach to private coaching for managers. 

Your days are hectic. It seems like you have no time to build any kind of relationship with your team.

You want to make a difference, but you know you need to grow too.Personal growth is a tender and guarded area, we know that. We also know that the right environment can transform your professional and personal life. That’s why we offer private coaching for managers.

Is this you?

  • You feel like you have plateaued or you’re feeling, is this it
  • You have questions about what really works. Is a positive attitude all I need, really?
  • Your team has challenged you beyond what you expected…..or your capacity to not take things personally is maxed out. You’re on overload!
  • You’re thinking maybe you need a GPS reading. Where am I headed at this point?
  • Reading, TED talks, workshops are good but you sense something is missing.

You have tried things–reading books, training, TED talks, but nothing seems to give you what you need to build the momentum you need. When you find yourself in a hole, the advice to stop digging is useful.

Being a successful manager is a combination of having the right mindset, an up-to-date, 21st century skill set and a good tool set. 

A confidential conversation with an advocate, someone who has been where you want to go can be enough of a breath of fresh air to create an entirely new perspective.

Think of coaching as an investment just like any other self-help, with one important  distinction. Coaching is self-help with help. Nothing else will deeply engage with you, shoulder-to-shoulder on a growth journey like our private coaching. 


If you’ve read through this page and would now like to learn more please contact us. When you call, we’ll have a conversation to learn about your needs, objectives, and priorities, and to see whether what we offer seems to be enough of a fit to move forward.

If there’s a fit, we’ll then set up a meeting, either by telephone or in person, to conduct an in-depth discovery interview in which we gather information that allows us to provide you a scope of work, outlining the issues and best solutions.

Call or email us to set up an initial phone meeting. We acknowledge your initiative in taking a step to make a difference!

Call us today at 609-742-9929 or e-mail us.