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Online Coaching ProgramsWelcome! We now offer Online Coaching Programs.

Have you been moving through your life without a GPS? What would it be like to have absolute certainty about where you are going in life—what you want and how you are going to get it?

The fact that you are here reading this tells me you are searching, contemplating change, hoping to create transformation, reinvention or revitalization. You are searching for qualified help. Humans are designed to change, it’s natural. Only when we avoid changing do we run the risk of becoming irrelevant or worse, stagnant. The world is changing rapidly and if you ‘re not changing and growing right along with it you’re probably falling behind. So congratulations for your smart, active pursuit!

Experience tells me that the most useful and highly valued strengths and attributes are in fact core strengths and skills that can be trained. You build these skills and strengths much the same way a body builder builds muscle. By adding minuscule muscle with each day’s workout, the bodybuilder grows to enormous strength and proportions. Your mental and emotional strength builds the same way. You add on small amounts of strength each day that add up to make you look on the inside the way that body builder looks on the outside. And actually you’re stronger than the bodybuilder. The real strength energy of life is mental, attitude and emotion.

The small investment in my coaching programs pales in comparison the life-changing strength you’ll gain. The new skills, approaches, behaviors and beliefs that I transfer will serve to change your life immediately and also serve you into the future, life-long.

When a new log is placed next to a already hot burning log the new log catches fire much more quickly and soon is burning on its own.    

Online Private Coaching  and remote, Skype, phone and in-person coaching services to meet you where you are.

Have you noticed some people think they can take on anything and other people feel that that they can’t take anymore?

Now you can get instant access to qualified help and support through my online coaching packages that are designed to help you help yourself. Whether you want to become an entrepreneur, lose weight, find inner peace, fulfillment, reignite your passion or all of it, this program will give you the core strengths to begin masterfully directing your life.

Listen to Episode 1 of my podcast and get a feel for the experience and wisdom that will help you excel ahead of the pack and avoid unnecessary struggles and pitfalls.

12-Week Online Coaching Program

Each week you will receive empowering new content such as articles, videos, podcast, etc.… This package is designed as a powerful and progressive growth program for you. In the end we not only need to be trained, we need to be prepared for anything. You will be prepared as an island of certainty in a world of uncertainty. You will have the tools to transform, reinvent and revitalize your life. My material will continue to serve you for the long-term masterful living that awaits you. Includes unlimited email support. Investment: $1,195

Instant Access!-–Not live yet but coming soon!

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A word about guarantee. All of my content is inclusive and designed to light a fire in you while preparing you for any job challenge, promotion, life crisis or reinvention. My mission is your growth and your impact. If you ever feel that you need some content or support that you may not be seeing, let’s chat and I’ll make it happen. I’m here to help you light it up and begin living the masterful life you choose!

Intense Coaching Packages:

♦Immersion Program: is a 45 to 90 day absorption that will give you the “activation energy” to separate from the herd. Customized for your specific need. Unlimited coaching as needed between our specified targeted milestones and unlimited phone and email contact between scheduled calls. As you consider calling Brian, keep in mind what is possible not what’s limiting! Investment: 1.8K to 5K


Instant Access

♦Tsunami Program: is a 90-day+ engagement that will flood you with new thinking, feedback and clear paths forward. It includes Brian on speed dial, Skype calls, videos, books and support. Brian will personally help you become the person you want to be. Includes unlimited coaching as needed between our specified targeted milestones and unlimited phone and email contact between scheduled calls. I anticipate what you need to begin creating your life rather than reacting to life. If there is something specific you need but don’t see, get in touch. Investment: 5K                       

Instant Access 

♦Ascent Program: is a 6-month rise designed to guide you upward, over the crevasses to triumph as the person you’ve always known you could be. Challenges, obstacles, limiting beliefs are not problems; they are opportunities for your achievement! You will have Brian on speed dial, Skype calls, videos, books and the entire library of Brian’s work. Of course personalized attention implementing and executing the proven strategies that have helped hundreds of people spiral upward. I am curious to hear from you on what you may need as a catalyst to begin moving upward.Investment: 7.5 K 

Instant Access

♦Summit Program: Call to retain Brian, typical engagement request is one year. 

Variables, add-ons such as in-person coaching and other options are available. For groups or individuals.

No obligation consultations available. Call Brian to begin a discussion on your masterful movement.