Recognize Your Situation and Build Success

Build SuccessWhen considering initiatives toward enlarging our lives and playing bigger–to Build Success we must take the time to diagnose and recognize our current situation.  A good place to start is with questions and searching such as, what skills do I have, what do I need to add or build on, what do I need to remove or change?

The really big one is, what do we want or who do we want to become? Or, what ways can we contribute? Depending on our individual situation, the assessment could go on in great detail. And it’s appropriate if it does.  The process provides for our arrival at a place of understanding and the insight spawned from this effort is invaluable. I cannot emphasize enough how critical this is. Even if it takes a while, this is a process that provides more than just a benchmark or a starting point.  From a place of knowledge and clarity we create a vision, plan our efforts and actions and begin to execute and Build Success.

For example, if we just take action not knowing what the effort is toward or, decide who we want to become in an instant, we risk “spinning our wheels,” restarting after several false attempts—it is exhausting before we even start. On the other hand, a well-planned execution backed by a solid individualized strategy, applying in-depth knowledge of where we are and where we want to go is priceless. This will create conditions for you to Build Success, ultimate success.

Trust is an important piece of this process too.  We don’t know how success will show up. We have to trust the process and ourselves.   This is why the “process of situation diagnosis” is so critical. If we are going to thrust our Self into an effort, we better begin with resolute actions and sustain momentum throughout.  People always tell me when they look back on their journey, the twist, turns and surprises could not have been anticipated but what sustained them was; they knew where they had been, where they were going and what was needed to get there.

In other words, they did everything within their control to create conditions for success.  With the circumstances they didn’t have control over, they relied on the fortitude and resiliency that was built in as the plan evolved.  The key then is, not to plan for or expect guarantees, instead build resiliency.

Your ideas, goals and direction may change as you evolve, that’s OK. The important thing is to not give up. Keep growing, evolving, and unfolding. The twist and turns and surprises are the discovery and nothing beats self-discovery!

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