Your Best Year Ever

Reduce Negativity

Reduce Negativity

Here we are in the first quarter of a new year and just about ready for daylight savings—everything is in front of us. If you have been waiting for the perfect time to make a move that time is now.

Everything is in place for prosperity. A new year—each day in fact, offers a fresh, clean slate. Rather than approaching this opportunity entrenched, inflexible and fighting back with rigidity, why not clean your own slate, ease in and help your best year to unfold naturally.

Sometimes the brilliant way forward requires less brilliance than we think. What is essential, paramount and most helpful often gets covered up with more concepts, more information than we need.

Do One Thing

Simplify. Don’t complicate things more than they need to be or push harder, spin and use all your energy up to no avail. Do the one thing that will guarantee you will ease in and foster a natural unfolding of your best year ever. Reduce negativity.

Negativity is generally defined as criticism of or pessimism about something. It binds and creates blockage and it shrinks or reduces energy. Negative thoughts or actions cause a contraction in you internally. It inhibits. Where positivity is a source that creates and releases energy, negativity restricts. It leads to unhappiness and you can’t make anything happen if you are unhappy.Reduce negativity

Promoting positivity and reducing negativity is not just for incense-burning Zen masters. It is a smart, practical and pragmatic way to ensure unencumbered continual growth, expansion and momentum toward, well, your best year ever.

Psychologist have discovered a bias toward the negative in humans. It probably has something to do with our evolutionary past. We are adept at scanning for threats, enemies, negative. In the days of saber-toothed tigers threats is all there was. But today threats are the stock market, your boss, etc…. We need to manage our negative bias because the real threats are all gone. This is a big challenge and that’s why I’m a big proponent of mindfulness. 

Outer Reflects the Inner Create Alignment; Reduce Negativity 

Outer behavior always reflects the inner state. A curt response, overreacting or shooting the messenger—what you see on the outside is a good indication of what is happening on the inside.
When you are full of negativity and spinning about yesterday’s meeting, last year’s performance evaluation or the promotion you deserve but didn’t get, what shows up or what comes out is angst, negativity and tension. Your leadership suffers.
People can’t experience the best you. They can only see the state you’re in. You appear bitter, ineffective and unable to handle life. The pointer here is to reduce negativity before you internalize it.

Great potential exists to Reduce Negativity and increase your skillful living. How to Begin:

Begin reducing negativity by increasing your awareness of the voices in your head. Absorbed by 60,000 thoughts per day we become absent to everything else. When the master is absent, negativity is very happy to permanently move in and take up residence.

Take Responsibility to Reduce Negativity

Ensure you are not harboring, inviting or spreading pollution. Anger, outbursts, making a scene and road rage are the outward manifestations of inward pollution. Take responsibility for your internal state. The root cause of pain and suffering comes from the individual not the situation. What happens is usually small in significance compared to the overreaction that follows. Overreaction comes not from the situation but from inner, accumulated negativity. 

Here are six more ways to sharpen your awareness and reduce negativity at the source.

1. Yield rather than resist. Anytime you resist anything you invite more resistance. Resistance is just another word for negativity. Resistance hardens, closes, and creates a shell. It inhibits. Yield and work with what is in front of you no matter what it is and watch people and circumstances begin to cooperate. Watch things begin to easily unfold in your direction.
2. Recognize the negativity in you, in others and in the world. Not to judge and condemn, just notice for your own growth and awareness. Ahhhh…. there it is!
3. Heighten your media awareness. The U.S. population is approximately 323 million people but everyday the media singles out and highlights 4 or 5 bad actors.
4. As you stand in the checkout line and scan the magazine rack ask yourself; are they selling important news stories or negativity?
5. Notice the propensity to complain and find fault. Notice the judging and labeling of others based on their missteps or faults alone.
6. Observe the energy used and the enjoyment derived from making the other person wrong.

Lead With Your Values Don’t Follow the Negativity; Reduce Negativity

When you react to negativity you are playing right along, following the communal negativity. Don’t react to life. Lead your life. There is great power in blazing your own trail.

Become aware of those voices in your head and suddenly you realize those voices are not you. You finally recognize they have been deceiving you; misinterpreting situations and causing you trouble all along………… and now you have the opportunity for a fresh start.

Negativity is like the water that surrounds fish and the conditioning effect is constant. To actually reduce negativity you have to be single-minded and vigilant about heightening your awareness and staying present.

Try it

Do your own observational research. Begin ignoring negative comments by others—not in a condescending way, just smile and change the subject move away from the topic and see what others do.
See if they don’t start asking about the source of your new attitude or if you changed your diet somehow. They might ask: How did you become bullet proof? Since when are you coated with Teflon? They will want to know what your secret weapon is.

You will be boldly moving counterculture. Others will pick up on you feeling unstoppable. They will want to know what you know.

Tell them you know that your best year ever doesn’t come from the Top 10 Things Successful People Do Everyday. It flows into what you do from a very positive place deep within you.

I wish you your best year ever!


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