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I believe we all have the potential and opportunity to seize the day, expand our lives and evolve into our own individual brand of success and ultimately offer the best of our service to the world. This thought brings to light the individual necessity of having to search and unveil all the mechanisms, efforts, actions and available information for a non-traditional self-education.

This “education” will serve you when combined with an effort to develop “inner strength” which are a sense of self, owning the security of knowing and trusting, combined with the tenacity and perseverance to continue when we non-believers, negativity and moving counterculture call us to swim upstream through the “white water”that turns from cold to freezing.

The totality of this education equates to a life of personal mastery enhanced by your creativity. The mental picture that can be envisioned here toward sculpting a “new you” is enough to create an invigorating desire for a life of greatness. The secret is all you need is YOU. Seize The Day!


President Lincoln is a great example of what is possible. It is well known that he was primarily self-educated.  Lincoln developed, educated and reinvented himself as a self-made leader.

  •  Lincoln developed personal leadership. At a young age Lincoln realized that his father was not in favor of his eagerness for learning but he pressed on. He became the sole one dedicated to his cause. Lincoln had detractors even as President. He was tenacious vowing to never give up. President Lincoln didn’t give up and the Union thrived!
  •  The President expanded his creativity. He became known as a superb writer, orator and communicator. Lincoln developed a keen sense of people and a wit and humor that resonated with his community.
  •  He melded his learning: I believe Lincoln viewed all of life as an education to be applied toward his ultimate service. He synergized his learning into his life. President Lincoln inherently knew there was no need for separation of life, business, or learning. Lincoln developed his strengths in service of the world. Lincoln was on the path to mastery.

There is a pattern here that emerges. In addition to Lincoln, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Gandhi all recognized their situation, worked on themselves, evolved, created a strategy that spawned conditions for success. Countless other people not so prominent in the public eye have done the same thing.

Seize The Day

You can too! I encourage you to become your version of Lincoln, Jobs, Gates or your ideal version of greatness —the important thing is to act! Seize The Day!

Mark Twain said, In the real world, nothing happens at the right time. 

Carpe diem! ☺


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