Secrets of a Better Future

Better FutureSpeculation gushes about a Better Future, the direction business and the world is heading and what it means for leadership. All the predictions about globalization, knowledge-based organizations and the deluge of information and technology, along with the relaxing of traditional organizational structure have one message in common; we don’t know what tomorrow will be like.

How to Create a Better Future?

It doesn’t take a futurist to know it will be faster-paced, more complex and more diverse. It is also evident that the status quo will not create the future. We cannot build a Tesla using the tools for a Model A.

One out dated tool is the concept of one leader with a vision.

Leaders are not the only source of vision, change and innovation. We need everyone, all team members engaged and at their best, helping to unfold a better future.

Leaders can begin right now creating a better future by:

  • Creating connection, a shared sense of purpose.
  • Cultivating more people as agents of creativity and innovation.
  • Allowing for failure but not allowing people to be failures.
  • Trusting
  • Embracing what is possible.
  • Promoting continual learning.

Leaders must establish genuine human relationships where the team members you count on to help create the future are at their best and at the same time they help you be at your best. YOU, the LEADER ensure a better future even in the face of the unknown.

We need progressive leadership like we’ve never known.

People are quietly screaming for more humanity at work. More human leadership and less emphasis on MBA management–less about balance sheets and more about relationships and fulfillment. More connectedness and meaning, purpose and contribution.

More humanity at work means:

  • Human leadership
  • People centered
  • Recognize the whole person
  • Fulfillment and profit

Brian can help you create a better future with the right tools or personalized coaching. 

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