Leadership in the 21st Century

Speaking: Keynotes, Workshops, Seminars and Special Events

Brian works collaboratively to identify your message, what you want to convey and delivers the message or change you want to instill.

Brian delivers improvement. He doesn’t just speak. Brian transfers energy, skills, behaviors, beliefs and approaches for everyone to apply as they improve and raise the bar going forward.

Powerful, life-changing messages delivered with energy, wit & humor.

Highly customized.

Brian’s message will help everyone in your organization:

  • Shift from servant of your circumstances to master of your destiny
  • Direct and lead your life
  • Instill new resolve, and commitment to excellence
  • Life-Changing lessons, encouragement and inspiration


  • Your topic here___________________
  • Lead Your Life
  • A New Beginning: Don’t Treat the Symptom Prevent the Problem
  • For Leaders, The Coach Approach
  • Training Comes and Goes Mastery is Forever
  • The Stress-Free Manager
  • Leadership Strategy IS Business Strategy
  • 5 Words That Can Change Your Life
  • From Command and Direct to Influence and Inspire

Typical Results:

Lorenzo V. Cutaia

Brian, I would like to pass along a note to say thank you. First let me mention both your knowledge and your passion as a Coach as two things that stood out in your presentation to my sales team.
You have a gift for connecting with people and your genuine approach to handling difficult topics is apparent.

Your coaching message was well received and I am sure it will make a difference in my organization.

Please feel free to use me as a reference, It would please me to know that I can help you by helping others get to know you and what you deliver through your Coaching.

Thanks Coach! With Warmest Regards,

Lorenzo V. Cutaia, Aflac Regional Sales Coordinator
Aflac New Jersey

Ralph H

Brian, thanks for your work. You helped us see what we were missing.

Ralph H.

Gary S.

Thanks for steering me to the promotion Brian.

Gary S.

Bill P.

Brian shares all he has and he’s full of passion for leadership.

Bill P.

Carol Waties

Brian, thank you for your presentations for our Small Business Development Center. Our attendees rave about the excellent presentation, information, education, tools, strategy and motivation you delivered. Looking forward to continuing to work with you.

Carol Waties, Director
Small Business Development Center, Atlantic City, NJ

Rob K.

Brian, I can tell, you didn't just write a book on impact. Impact is a way of life for you... You are a "Wake Up Artist!" Thanks for changing the momentum off our team!

Rob K.

Contact Brian directly: 609-742-9929