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Bad is Greater Than Good But The Story Doesn’t End There

Welcome to Start With YOU Episode #31

Hello and welcome once again to the Start With YOU Podcast. I’m your host Brian Braudis and today I feel it’s important, there is a need to talk about Bad and Good…Our world has become less civil. We seem to have lost a sense of courtesy…Goodness has been supplanted.

Has bad replaced good? For centuries human existence has been depicted in terms of a struggle between good and bad forces. From a metaphysical perspective, evil gods or devils are the bad opponents of the good divine forces that stand for goodness and harmony. For the individual, destructive instincts like overindulgence, anger and sloth battle against our striving for virtue and what is good.  We know “Good” and “bad” so well they are among the first things that children understand. 

Well Research reveals that there’s greater power in bad events concerning everyday and major life events. We give bad emotions, bad bosses and bad relationships more attention and they all have more impact on us than good events.

We process and analyzed Bad information more thoroughly than good. And we are always more motivated to avoid bad self-definitions than to pursue good ones. Negative processing more strongly contributes to the final impression than does positive information. Learning something bad about a new acquaintance carries more weight than learning something good, by and large.

Researchers believe there is evolutionarily adaptive for humans to give more weight to negative. For example, A person who ignores the possibility of a positive outcome may later experience significant regret at having missed an opportunity for pleasure or advancement, but nothing directly terrible is likely to result. In contrast, a person who ignores danger (the possibility of a bad outcome) even once may end up maimed or dead.

Survival requires urgent attention to possible bad outcomes, but it is less urgent with regard to good ones. So, it would be adaptive to be psychologically designed to respond to bad more strongly than good. Even to analyze and process negative events more than good would help early humans to stay out of harm’s way.

Now you may be thinking, how pessimistic? This is bad news!

But hold on, not so fast. The fact that science has proven that bad is stronger than good concerning human existence is knowledge. Earlier we learned that stress is nothing more than information.

Just as stress is not harmful per se, it is merely information informing you to adapt or make a change, bad is stronger than good is information too. It’s a warning flag, a shot over the bow.

The key is to recognize it and see it before you react to it. Understand what is going on at the depths within you before it overtakes you….or you over analyze the negative and lose yourself in a bad situation. Too often bad or negative emotions overtake people like an avalanche.

The news and world events are freaking people out and they’re bringing that to work…Then pervasive workplace stressors are added in…uncertainty, anxiety, frustrations, disappointment, resentment….an entire suite of bad emotions……..

We could also say stress is greater than non-stress and it’s the same thing… We focus on the stress more than feeling calm with no stress…. When I met Dr. Marty Seligman, the father of positive psychology, he emphasized don’t manage stress… but work on well-being instead. This is the same thing.  We could say that a car wreck is worse than no car wreck. Bad is stronger than good at every turn.

Recognize what is going on at a deeper level………from deeper perspective and pause. Look at what the bad or negative information is doing, the effect it is having. Be still. That will help you translate and reframe the bad information. When you are still you get in touch with and access who you were before hearing the negative information…. Stillness brings forth your better self. Start With YOU!

From a place of stillness, you’ll see rationally that bad will not always triumph over good. How could it? The world is not more bad than good…..we wouldn’t have a chance. The research points to this too. Just because bad is greater than good it doesn’t mean that bad will prevail. It does say that when equal measures of good and bad are present, the effects of bad outweigh those of good.  BUT a reframe is in order here.

Several good events, a reserve of good can overcome the effects of bad events. So the idea is to increase the numbers of good in your life. Don’t fret about bad is greater than good, emphasize the good, make it appear everywhere. Stay away from bad…..all negativity….

I’ve said it numerous times. Negativity will find you without any effort on your part. If you want positive, growth, good, you have to seek it out.  Stack the deck in your favor. 

Here’s How to Begin Stacking the Deck in Your Favor

  • Daily Investment Over the Occasional View. Do something every day to offset the inevitable negativity and frustration you will encounter. What should you do? Join me?
  • Build a Reserve. Read, collect quotes, stories and vignettes that inspire you. 
  • Write Your Own Growth Essays. It’s affirming to read stories but it’s liberating to write your own! I will give you ideas and support….
  • Join a Community of Energizers and Advocates. Daily interaction with people who lift you higher, hold you accountable and offer new ideas and perspectives will influence your world view and overall attitude in a good way.  Take a look and join!

For those of you who listen to the end here is the key to a life of continuous growth, enlightenment and evolution…Take every circumstance you find yourself in and turn them into a learning event that adds to your wisdom. Wisdom isn’t just more information like we mentioned earlier…. Wisdom is a moral quality of knowing…. You know what you are inexperienced with, what you are insecure about and you figure out a way to handle your uncertainty and limitations….the development of wisdom makes you less anxious and more effective, happier.

Thank you for listening. Until next time, I wish you more than luck!


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Until next time, I wish you more than luck!

© Brian Braudis 2020

What is My Purpose? Is the wrong question

Welcome to Start With YOU Episode #30

The purpose and meaning question.

There’s debate about these two in psychology, coaching and human progress circles. Some say that purpose is one thing….you find a purpose and you throw yourself into it…like Steve Jobs maybe…or Bill Gates a computer in every household… That can happen, at least in some form…But I think it’s not that common. Look around.

Have you seen this kind of thing with any regularity?

There’s the Hollywood version of purpose…Mark Twain’s quote…. The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” Nice but that’s not reality is it?

Some experts say purpose is built through everyday effort and others vehemently disagree saying that purpose is something you discover. Again, use these arguments to discover what it means to you…

Is purpose more comfortable thought of as a discovery or something you build? Go with what you feel…You know those experts are speaking from their experience…. What is most important is how you feel. REMEMBER…hearing advice, an opinion, reading a quote can be comforting. BUT discovering for yourself what works is liberating

The same debate is around meaning, meaning is something you find. NO others say meaning is what you bring to work, to life….

As always, I want to get to the root of things. So we can move forward with decisiveness…Ambiguity inhibits action. It makes inertia possible….EXAMPLE, Well, I’m not going to take action, what if I’m wrong and it’s the wrong thing?  I’ll just wait, read more, look around ask my friends until I know for sure….

See what I mean…Until you make what is holding you back known, it will continue to inform you and direct you and you will call it fate!

Here are some things to consider:

James Allen: From the book As a Man Thinketh…

Aimlessness is a vice. Those who have no central purpose in their life fall easy prey to petty worries, fears, troubles and self-pity…. All of which are indications of weakness. A man should conceive a legitimate purpose and pursue it..making it central point of his thoughts.  This Allen wrote, is the royal road to self-control and true concentration of thought. Even if man doesn’t accomplish his purpose, the strength of character gained is his measure of his true success…..

Now what Allen is saying here is…he’s pointing to the need to serve…

life is about serving. This vital perspective expands your universe form the tiny “self-universe” that is inbred with negativity and unproductive self-talk…..weakness

Meaning & Purpose = strength and courage. Purposelessness = weakness.

Reader’s Digest interviewed Harrison Ford and asked is there a piece of Jedi wisdom you instituted or adopted into your life’s purpose?  Harrison Ford replied…..May the Force be with you is charming but what is most important is that you figure out how you can become the force for yourself and others.

So what am I saying here? To get to the root of it.

Some people can’t seem to find purpose or meaning… a great many people as a matter of fact! Or people feel their work is anonymous.

Unable to define or see a purpose for yourself simply means you are searching… so keep your eyes and your heart open. Try to be present for everything work diligently to not be on autopilot.

For the folks who feel their work is anonymous…I read a piece called “Sludge Olympics” — it’s a competition for New York sewage treatment workers. These Olympians compete to show skill in their work, and often do so with great passion. This is tough, dirty, unpleasant work and these folks are great at it! I’ll put the link to the article in the Show Notes…

Reading the article, you’ll note the pride the Olympians have in their work and the purpose they find in doing it well. One guy who….noted how anonymous their work can be, is quoted saying, “It’s enough to serve the public.”

Now Consider….

Why is it that some people can be extraordinarily well-paid and work in pampered settings but feel empty, while others can work in the sewers of New York City and feel fulfilled?  Part of the answer is purpose.

So here are the takeaways:

Asking how do I find my purpose? That’s the wrong question to ask.

A 20 something college grad’s purpose will change, evolve and grow as they do….AND we have to allow for that!

We should be looking to endow everything we do with purpose. Open up to and allow for the multiple sources of meaning that will naturally develop in our lives, and to be comfortable with those changing over time.

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing bring service into it…your service… You will benefit most!

The overriding purpose of life is to make a lasting contribution to family, society and all of humanity. We fulfill this purpose through service.

Life is a series of problems that are meant to be solved. And we are just the ones to meet problems head on and solve them. Life is the means to develop, find purpose and meaning and become our best-self.

This is how we progress…. Human progress arises out of our effort to create antidotes to suffering. We grow in our knowledge of life!!!!     Try asking someone what has shaped their life,…… they don’t say my trip to the Bahamas, that defined who I am!……….. No………. It’s the tyrannical manager, the loss of a loved one, a divorce, a doctor visit–………..this is how we grow; we rise to and progress out of disorder and confusion……maybe the problems don’t completely go away but you can handle it! 

Serve and solve problems; you’ll find meaning, grow in purposefulness and become your best self.

As James Allen said, the strength of character gained is the measure of your true success.


Thank you for listening. Until next time, I wish you more than luck!


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Until next time, I wish you more than luck!

© Brian Braudis 2020


Welcome to Start With YOU Episode #29

Hello and welcome once again to the Start With YOU Podcast. I’m your host Brian Braudis. I regret being out and away from my Podcast for so long…I’ve missed interacting with all of you. But I’ve been on the road learning about the most recent work issues to ultimately bring more answers to you.

I learned that over 90% of you have experienced some kind of incivility at work. Snarky, rudeness, meanness, anger all all too prevalent in the workplace today. Of the people I’ve interviewed, over 90 % have had an uncivil or even an aggressive (passive aggressive) experience at work and 100% said the witnessed it.

Before you get sucked into reacting to incivility…..being uncivil yourself, OBSERVE! 

Carefully observe. Listen to people’s complaints. Hear the impoverished monologue. No one listens to me. It doesn’t matter what I do, nothing ever changes. I’ll never get promoted….. Some people operate (tolerate) this way of living and working for 10, 20, 30, 40 years. It doesn’t have to be this way!

Easy, Not Thoughtful

Our society champions what’s easy. Quick-fix, instant gratification, and wealth without work are pursuits that lack substance. When we fail to be fulfilled by these shallow pursuits, we go to the self-protecting monologue mentioned earlier. No one listens to me. It doesn’t matter what I do, nothing ever changes……………… Cynics don’t have any answers or solutions so the blame others and complain.   


The purpose of life is to make a lasting contribution to family and society. A big part of purpose is to find meaning in the work you do.


The easy path is not typically the wisest. A lasting contribution is not snarky, rude or reacting in kind to incivility. When you stop long enough to assess what is really going on seriously; and pursue answers, not activity.

You see that the unhappy people have themselves at the center of their universe, and that’s a tiny, tiny universe. No to mention it’s a universe that is inbred with negative self-talk that is entirely repetitive.

The people who are focused on themselves are the least fulfilled, the least satisfied. These are the people who at the end of their career, have deep regrets. They retire angry.

Nobody wants to reach the end of their career and experience regret. It’s a deep-seated human desire to become valuable, contribute, and progress. Everyone wants not only a paycheck but, a satisfying and fulfilling career with purpose and meaning. A career they are proud of. We want a story that is worth being retold.

It’s not very satisfying to focus solely on yourself. There’s not much meaning and purpose here. There’s no depth, and without depth, you have a shallow purpose that quickly fades.   

The Result

The effect is what you see and experience in the workplace. Anger, frustration, and debilitating disappointment are all symptoms of being lost without direction or purpose and meaning that can’t be found. The smallness of a self-centered focus leads to petty preoccupations, tiny-minded fixations, and overly elevated annoyances with the littlest things. Can you see this?

Internal anxiety leads to outward incivility. This weakens us collectively. It’s our problem.

If everyone did their part, picked up their share of the burden and shouldered the responsibility to improve themselves.. we would all collectively improve the world; we would be free of the incivility dilemma and on the road building everyday progress. We wouldn’t be caught up in petty preoccupations, we would be building, creating innovating!!!!

This starts with you. When you begin to recognize the potential you have and how the work you do the job you have doesn’t matter….Become the best possible version of yourself right where you are..

The two biggest struggles for people are in relationships and at work… What everyone misses…and I mean everyone! Is this is the substrate, the surface material, the context for growth…for becoming the best version of yourself… No other place or context will show you more how to live at your best!

We spend so much time at work….the average person works 2080 hours per year. If you would recognize the opportunity to invest in yourself at work rather than complain, fight and resist you could become masterful in a very short time…

Hours Spent at Work

  • 2080 hours per year for 30 years= 62,400
  • 2080 hours for 40 years= 83,200
  • 2080 hours for 50 years =204,000

If you would apply the 10,000 hours Masterful Rule, you could become masterful through work in 5 short years! Isn’t that better than struggling and resisting?

I don’t mean masterful for your employer…I mean for you, your best self, your best life! Your relationships would improve, your value would increase and you will earn more…it’s all upward, additive. Complaining and resisting is all downward, a detraction. TAKEAWAYS….

The purpose of life is to make a lasting contribution to family and society. A big part of purpose is to find meaning in the work you do.

Make sure you’re not one of the people who misses or overlooks work as an opportunity for growth and development. Invest in yourself to become the best possible version of yourself.

*Begin first by observing what is really going on. See why people are miserable and full of incivility. It’s not from work. It comes from the inside out…recognize this in yourself, in others and in the world.

*Invest in yourself, read, study, gain some insights and take what you learn to work AND apply it the key to big change is small steady growth. If you consider the 10,000 hour rule…working 2080 hours a year, you’ll be masterful in 5 years… that’s short when you consider how long a career could last theses days.    

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Until next time, I wish you more than luck!

© Brian Braudis 2020


Welcome to Start With YOU Episode #28

Hello and welcome once again to the Start With YOU podcast. I’m your host, Brian Braudis. Today…how to become a prophet. BUT first I am asking you to leave a review on iTunes. This is the only commercial you’ll get on this podcast, so please leave a review. Thanks!

Now a real prophet is not clairvoyant as much as they are able to read the signs of the times…You know what’s going on without delusion… You see reality more clearly and you are thus more equipped to deal with the world. It’s not mystical as much as it is practical.

This podcast is about getting results, solutions and strategies that work not to treat symptoms but rather eliminate problems and create progress. Doesn’t that sound appealing? Of course, who doesn’t want that? Decisive growth confidently and continuously.

So why is this so rare? CONSIDER…If most people are in the same boat, getting pretty close to the same results what does that tell you? It should inform you on what you should be doing. If you want different results from what others get then you have to do different things! Talk about, pay attention to and build action in your direction not society’s direction. Stretch and step out of traditional boundaries. Transcend traditional culture.

If you listen back to my first episode, you’ll get a sense of confidence, a trust a knowing, it’s not blatant. I don’t come out and say it but I’m not following others. Even in my teens and early twenties people would tell me education wouldn’t help, reading books meant nothing, they said can’t you see boy there is no growth. I politely listened but I wasn’t following any one. Just because you can’t see growth doesn’t mean it’s not happening. The embryo inside the egg develops into a life size chick and we can’t see it!

In my teens and early twenties, I began finding and trying things out. I was discovering for myself what worked. I didn’t exactly know where I was going or what I wanted to create…who I wanted to become but I trusted I would grow to where I wanted and needed to be. I had faith a knowing that things would work out. In some strange way that was completely baseless, I felt that I was destined to have a different life.

Read my blog article A Path to Mastery and you’ll get a first-hand view.

The point is whenever I started I found another energy outside of my ambition, will and desire. It was an unnamed force that added energy, gave me lift, inspiration or at the very least shed new light on my misguided thinking. When I stepped out and started…it didn’t matter what activity, studying academically, working out, working on my social skills, I always found more than I was seeking. Once I committed to the effort, somehow, some force helped me make it happen. I transcended my disadvantaged and meager past change my reality.

Now as I look back and connect the dots I can see that there was this unidentified, unnamed force that supported and facilitated my growth. I seem to have always been in the right place at the right time for serendipity to happen. But I didn’t do anything to deserve this gift. Serendipity is described by Webster as the gift of finding valuable and agreeable things not sought for.

When I first started out at a non-descript community college, I had a professor who changed my life.

I found evidence of this in others’ lives…David Bowie said he and Iggy Pop, his band and the crew he hung out with did things that should have killed them but didn’t. He said one day he looked back and noticed even with his recklessness, his life could be described as serendipitous…there was always a light at the end of the tunnel and it wasn’t a train coming either.

Bob Dylan said pretty much the same thing. He said when he went in the studio those songs came out. I really can’t explain it, he said, there was an unexpected energy.

In his recent book the beautiful cure immunologist Daniel Davis who is a professor at the University of Manchester in England describes the human immune system as a force more powerful than any medicine. He said the one word to describe the power of the human immune system is wonder. Here we have a highly educated scientist and author but the force he sees in the microscope, he only understands a small portion and he has one word …to describe it…wonder.

So the originality of my discovery, my experience led me to the same place as these and many others. I came up with the same meaning and understanding. There is an immensely powerful force outside of our conscious will that supports our growth. This force, once you recognize and perceive it, you’ll grasp that your growth is of the utmost importance….

But recognizing and perceiving is the problem. Many people miss the presence of this undefined force….and therefore don’t take full advantage of it. We don’t find valuable things not sought for because we fail to recognize and appreciate the value when it is deal out to us.

It is a fact that serendipitous events happen to all of us but we fail to recognize their serendipitous nature…. My peers in that college thought the professor was unremarkable, a whip cracker and a back breaker…I thought he was the best thing to happen in my young life so far..

Now just one phenomenon, you could say one miracle of this unnamed massive, global force that assists us in personal growth….I can hear you asking what is this force…you are dying to put a label on it because that’s what we humans do. We judge, label and categorize…..Ohhhhhh, that. That’s it, that’s all it is????? The question is How can we name this force without reducing it? Reductive language is a common problem that I’ll address a little later. But for now let’s name this force without clinging to the word. Can we do that? Some people call this undefinable power God, the Divine, the Source, Mohammed, etcetera. The word you use doesn’t matter.

Let me ask you… in your car, have you ever opened you eyes just in time to hit the brakes and avoid a colliding into the car in front of you? What would you call that assistance, the Grace you received? Grace is a good word and usually the first thing we associate with Grace is Amazing from the old evangelical hymn…we are amazed because what happened we recognize as not the ordinary course of things…We avoid collisions, crashes, problems more than we have them. Where else in your life have you encountered Grace? Where did you get more than what you sought? Where did you get more than you thought you deserved? You have to admit…life is full of pitfalls, hazards and drawbacks but really, how many do you encounter? WHAT would happen if you inserted yourself more, pursued growth from more angles? I believe you would be supported and encouraged!

I have a friend who is a surgeon and he says, I dress the wound but some unknown power heals it. He says the same thing about exercising. He said people miss the real value of exercise because they quickly reduce the effort to mere weight loss. People reduce the power of exercise to a simple equation. But what actually goes on when you exercise is you change your body, your metabolism, your entire psyche changes at the cellular level…we doctors don’t really know to any great detail what really goes on…we only know it’s good!

So just like the Daniel Davis, the immunologist, It’s a wonder! Mentioned this in #20, #22 at least. And read my 360 fitness blog posts where I try to put into words what I encountered when I intentionally and deliberately stretched myself to grow. I’ve witnessed the same thing, the same force helping and guiding hundreds of people’s experiences.

So I’m going to begin my wrap up by giving you my definition of the undefinable force…but remember it changes ands grows as I grow…And that’s the thing…this could be a whole another episode but as we grow and change we need to revise our maps that we use to navigate the territory of life…To be a prophet means to be able to read the signs of the times…You know what’s going on without delusion… The world is constantly changing…and the more clearly we see reality, the more equipped we are to deal with the world.

So many people have trouble with life….oh since I’ve been married, it’s been problematic, since having children, I’m depressed that my old life is gone…The process of updating and revising is hard and avoiding it is a major source of problems for people.

So here’s how I describe, the universal force that supports us and guides our growth…..To me it’s more like Nature than God….law rather than law undefinable power so vast that words cannot describe it. It is the power that pervades everything…the power present at the core of every living creature. It is in your core…there is no external power.

There it is….and here is what to avoid and what to do to perceive, appreciate and work with this power of the universe…..

  1. Recognize that your growth is of the utmost importance. Personal discomfort is relatively unimportant. In other words, compared to growth, personal discomfort doesn’t matter. Push yourself to discover and operate from your essence…..
  2. Avoid reductive language….that means avoid describing something vast and complicated, undefinable and unknowable in a too simple way…
  3. Keep it top of mind that this is a process….it is not brief or quick. Buddha found enlightenment after 16 years of searching…. It comes slowly. Piece by piece….and each morsel is worked for by patient effort, observation.
  4. Take full advantage of your experiences…your parents may have handed you down ideas, a narrative, a religion…To be the best your capable of you forge your own personal narrative, and religion. You accept the words of a physician in order to live and function…you trust a financial advisor for money or the fuel of life. BUT when it comes to your primary purpose, your essence, your contribution, this requires firsthand discovery. It is all there is. Your unique engagement, questioning, doubting and observing…. Discovering for yourself will give you the wisdom to triumph over any obstacle.
  5. The hard work you invest will pay off. I guarantee it!


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Until next time, I wish you more than luck!

© Brian Braudis 2020


Welcome to Start With YOU Episode #27

Hello and welcome once again to the Start With YOU Podcast. I’m your host Brian Braudis. Are you creative? Most people hear “creativity” and think artist, sculptor, wood carver…that’s true all those people are creative, but what about you? Just because you are not an artist per say, doesn’t mean you are not creative.

It is well documented that authentic creativity, the real deal….is inborn, natural and normal for everyone. It’s simply the intelligent search for new and better solutions. We all have more creativity than we realize……………………..

A professor named George Land did a creativity study.

He tested the creativity of 1,600 children ranging in ages from five years old to 15 years old….. Through a basic test—actually the same creativity test he devised for NASA to help select innovative engineers and scientists-he determined the percentage of creativity among the 1,600 children….

  • Test results amongst 5 year olds: 98% creative
    Test results amongst 10 year olds: 30% creative…a 68% drop
    Test results amongst 15 year olds: 12% creative…. a 86% drop

We think as we get older we get smarter, right? We THINK we have more answers but in fact once solutions are discovered they become calcified, frozen, formalized, people make models and flow charts out of theses answers BUT our discovery stops..We know the right answer…not through discovery but based on someone else’s right answer. School and life does this…operates this way. We are taught the right answer and chasing the right answer supplants our creativity.

Then we fear we don’t have the right answer, we are afraid to speak up… George Land gave his same creativity test to adults…Now remember at 5 years old children were 98 % creative. At 15 years old the children were 98% creative. And when he gave the same test to adults…..280,000 adults: 2% scored as creative. That’s a 96% drop from 5 years old.

Creativity….is inborn it’s natural and normal for everyone. We all have more creativity than we realize…when we use our intelligence to search for new and better solutions; our effectiveness is diluted buy the way we were taught.

Think about yourself right now…maybe you dreamed about being a writer or a musician or an athlete OR you could be a CEO, a senior manager…you rub your chin yeah…..I could do that, I could be great in my own way…………

Then this other thinking comes in…You already have a family, how are you going to do that? You aren’t good with people, you can’t lead.

When you were thinking about what you could be, what is possible..that is divergent thinking….. you imagine new ideas…It is creative and spontaneous, ideas just come to you, and there is no right answer here. It’s fun, open and expansive….there are no limits.

The other thinking that came in and judged your ideas is convergent thinking…it confines, it’s analytical…it is looking for the right answer…..

What most people miss here is these two cancel each other out. Look at our example above…you could be a writer, a CEO or a senior manager but all those things are in the way. Convergent thinking shot down all your great ideas!

What almost everybody misses is that we need both of these types of thinking and the necessary separation of the two. Use divergent thinking to generate new ideas and convergent thinking to implement them. This is what people miss. You’ve probably heard it said that there is no lack of ideas. Ideas are not the shortfall. The lack is in the development of ideas into something coherent, useful and applicable to create value—toward something like improvement.

You might be saying ideas come to the gifted….That may be true but ideas come to all of us. But still, you have to develop them into something coherent, useful and applicable to create value out of those ideas.

So how could you use this new information in your life and work?

Well first off if you want to create a masterpiece…by the way, with the right input, the right energy, your life can be a masterpiece—if you want to create a masterpiece you have to give yourself the space, the permission to create some flops along the way.

Let’s say you have a couple of young children that take all of your time and you can see no way of exercising. Start using your thinking to dream up ways to get exercise in. I did this and it developed into a nice little habit that helped me build the life I wanted to live….

I get up at 5:00 AM and exercise before everyone else is up. It has helped me with two other habits….waking up early and build my discipline muscle too. It took me a while to get it right…..but you have to do the work. Dreams don’t come true because you dream them.

Saying I have a family and don’t have time to work out because I give all my time to them, you are playing the role of a victim. You are reacting to life, letting life lead you. Lead your life don’t react to life. What will you create?

It takes time. The luck, the success comes after the work…..There’s a story about Pablo Picasso….. Picasso was a sculptor, printmaker, ceramicist and stage designer he is considered one of the greatest and most influential artists of the 20th century.

He became good at producing his art in quick form scratching out remarkable art in just minutes …

So Picasso was walking though the market one day and a woman spotted him. She stopped the artist, pulled out a piece of paper and said, “Mr. Picasso, I am a huge fan of your work. Please, could you do a little drawing for me?”

Picasso smiled and quickly drew a small, but beautiful piece of art on the paper. Then, he handed the paper back to her saying, “That will be one million dollars.”

“But Mr. Picasso,” the woman said. “It only took you thirty seconds to draw this little masterpiece.”

“My good woman,” Picasso said, “It took me thirty years to draw that masterpiece in thirty seconds.”

Picasso isn’t the only brilliant creative who worked for decades to master his craft. His journey is typical of many creative geniuses. Even people of considerable talent rarely produce incredible work before decades of practice.

You may know the Michelangelo carved the statue of David. He said, If people knew how hard I worked to get my mastery, it wouldn’t seem so wonderful at all..

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Welcome to Start With YOU Episode #26

Welcome once again to the Start With YOU Podcast, our 26th episode. Today we are going to discuss the process of success. Before we start, Im asking all of you who listen to please leave a review on iTunes or Spotify. This is the only commercial you’l  hear on this Podcast. Please leave a review. 

Here’s a secret that most people miss….My podcasts, articles and books are not ends in themselves. What is implied is with the results I talk about, what is possible for you, is…this is a process!….

People have been living their life for years following mass culture and societal norms—reacting to life… Then they read my ideas on how to manage better, to improve, live more skillfully and peacefully and they expect instant illumination, instant transformation. They are disappointed. They say to me, you let me down, it’s not working for me,..etc, etc..

My reply is always the same. Be careful with converting your ideals into expectations. Remember, it’s a process. To get any movement, growth or change, you must invest in yourself daily. Not look at it, make an effort to read something when you are feeling down, in need or you just have time. Daily investment rather than the occasional view.

What is the process? The process is similar to learning to ride a bike. At first you’re unskilled, scared and shaky. You go slow and fall. It requires Band-Aids. Getting back on the bike after a fall is instinctive to the pursuit. You want to get better. Trying again, adjusting, learning and improving, repeating again and again, you repeat this process countless times. You are moved and inspired to persist by some un-named force that you can only feel and not describe. And here’s the key, you adjust your disciplined effort to each new level of proficiency and learning. You grow and improve sometimes by leaps, sometimes minutely but you always, continuously grow and improve. Eventually you become masterful.

If you are feeling that applying this process to all of life is too broad and you need a more narrowed or tighter defined field, focus on a weak area or something you’ve always wanted. OR something you know will help you without a doubt. I combined these two I always wanted to be an armature athlete on my terms and I always wanted to be an avid reader. Both of those habits, deeply developed helped me to master life. Remember…Formal education will help you get a career, self education will liberate you from all of life’s modern-day challenges.

A workout will always lift your mood and inspire and energize you to do more and Books will counterbalance the negativity, the rejection and the energy drains of life. At 4:00AM when the world is resting but your mind won’t, books have the power to console, replenish and inspire. When you feel resistance, when you’re reluctant and weak, unsure you can do it, books hold uplifting energy in their pages. President Lincoln said Books serve to show a man that those original thoughts of his aren’t very far off after all. In other words books can not only give you new ideas they can show you that you are on the right track with your current thinking and approaches.

The thing to remember is the process never ends…Bill Gates recently said, Well I’m still learning, I don’t say that’s the stupidest idea I’ve ever heard anymore. I’ve learned that it stifles creativity. Bill Gates is around 62 years old and by him admitting that, he is pointing to the process.., he’s always learning it truly never ends!

You might be saying, well, Gates is a genius…Maybe, but recently Mark Wahlberg was given credit and awe for his transformation. He dropped out of high school and did time in jail as a felon. When he got out and he transformed his life…young people were inspired by his story and the asked him how he stays with his new life and he sad it’s a process. I work at it everyday.

Wahlberg obviously gave some deep thought to his life and subsequently made intentional choices. You could say he stopped reacting to life and began living his life now from a creative viewpoint rather than a reactive viewpoint.

You can look a little deeper, make an analogy and pick up these lessons everywhere to remind you or to validate what you are applying to your own life.

Harrison Ford was asked about The Force as described in the Star Wars movies. He said, yeah, “May The Force be with you” is charming but not important. What is important is that you become The Force—for yourself and then for other people, the world even. So Harrison Ford is pointing to the force already in you (we’ve talked about that). He says what is essential is for you to become the force…..for yourself, then grow move the process to other people and then keep it going and become a force for the world. Not the best in the world, the best for the world!

Here is how investing daily in the process can serve you

If you stay with it and invest daily, the process can continually expand your ability to create the results in life that you truly seek. 

You will continually get better at clarifying what is most important to you. Most people don’t know what is important to them.

You will continually learn how to see reality more clearly. We all know people who are entangled with a counterproductive life. Mangers who escalate problems remain stuck and don’t know why. People ask others, what should I do?

Think about it. Your life is the ultimate creative act. Avoid shiny objects and distractions. Focus on the process, Kaizen, continuous improvement, Mastery—it doesn’t matter what you call it it’s all a process.
Engage and invest. Do something everyday for lots and lots of days. That’s how it works. Success comes after the work. The real beauty is the process never ends. You continually adjust yourself to each new level of proficiency and learning you get better then you become masterful
That’s not a promise. That’s a fact!

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Welcome to Start With YOU Episode #25

Hello and welcome once again to the Start With YOU Podcast. I’m your host Brian Braudis. Welcome to our 25th episode and with 25 episodes complete, we are celebrating! And I have a requestIf this podcast has helped you, shifted your thinking or made you more aware or just caused you to think. Please leave a review on Itunes or Spotify…it’s a way you can help me…immensely…Thanks!

You know, this is not a dream it is possible. Consider everything I do now was once a dream. I wanted to be an early riser…the guy who was out jogging before the crack of dawn—who looked like he had it so together. I wanted to be married…only once and have children that I had a relationship with …Done and done…If you read my blog or my Twitter feed, you’ll see that my son just became an Eagle Scout. AND, my professional life,,well, I’ll get to that.

What does this mean for you? It means, you can do it too.

There was no one more average or stifled by life than me. I had no job, no skills, no prospects, no parents, after my dad died, my mom had to go back to school to help out my 8 brothers and sisters….Listen to episode one. You can do what I did. I’ll bet most people listening have it easier than I did. If you feel you are worse off than I was, email me, let’s talk…I’ll give you some no cost, no obligation direct, personal coaching. You can do what I did. In Fact,

You owe it to yourself, your family—the world at large, to improve, to make things better than they are. Use today, right now to create a better tomorrow. You don’t have to create a company. No one is saying create Google. Just create a little better life for those around you.

You don’t need a coach to tell you that it’s easier to hit a target you can see. Make your target easy to see. Write it down. Create a vision board.

In Episode 19 we talked about Primary purpose and secondary purpose…Primary purpose is your inner reality and when you have that right, it flows into your secondary purpose—maybe re-listen to episode 19. Make sure your personal life, you primary purpose is where you want it, going the direction you want it to go..your primary purpose flows into your work or secondary life. Be intentional.

When I was a car mechanic, I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I just knew I didn’t want to do that. I kept working, reading, taking classes, attending workshops, and what I wanted to do found me. That changed too…it was always changing.

When I got into management, I really found my place and began to work on mastering that. …If you go to my website you’ll see it’s all about managers. How to become the best manager for yourself and for others. I mastered the art of being a good manager then, started helping other s do that too. You can create the life you want. So let’s shift a little now and talk about how to be comfortable when all this is going on. How to be like that quarterback who completes passes under extreme pressure.

If you listen to all 24 episodes of my podcast you may notice there is an undercurrent….I stumbled, I made mistakes, I struggled but the undertone, the energy that continually carried me forward…when I was out with people, at my job, when I faced detractors, even when…I was frustrated and disappointed, I always had this feeling…like I could sense my destiny. I knew something about myself that no one else knew. The image I had for my life wasn’t completely clear BUT what was absolutely crystal clear was that my vision would come true. I knew intuitively that if I kept going it would happen. This is what I wish for you…

I hear you asking…what do I have to do to keep going?

*NUMBER 1 Remain Open—as you get a sense that you are different, things are just going to be different for you stay open . Rather than dismiss, I can hear my friends in the background of my past—that’ll never work, it’s hopeless, we’ll never get out of this place…. Believe your own intuition not the crowd. Be curious. When you read a book, an article…think maybe! Don’t write anything off no one really knows where the treasure is buried—especially your treasure! Know that there is always more working than what we can see. There are infinite numbers of things we cannot comprehend with our human intelligence BUT that doesn’t mean they’re not working. We can’t see gravity but it’s working. We see the effects of gravity…. What else can we only see the effects of and we don’t know the cause? That alone right there tells us, that’s enough to remain open and not close anything off. How is it that young squirrels- that never experienced winter, know to gather nuts? OR a bird newly hatched in the Arctic knows to fly south—even knows the way? When you’re open things work for you that you don’t even know….. We simply cannot grasp it all but…if you remain open you can grasp enough!

We simply cannot comprehend all the energies and forces that are at work in the Universe

Start With YOU

*NUMBER 2 Have Patience—You have to know that things will happen. Maybe not on your time table but things are happening and your life will unfold and blossom…This is that undercurrent of knowing that I mentioned earlier. This should be the foundation that you stand on and the umbrella that keeps you out of the rain and turmoil. As you will hear me say repeatedly, self-management is underrated. No one will give you credit for enduring patience. You give yourself credit. Again, this is part of the undercurrent of knowing. You don’t expect praise, compliments or accolades from others. You know things about yourself. You may not know exactly where you are going, the vision is blurry and that’s OK. It’s enough to be growing above a foundation of knowing.

*NUMBER 3 Persistence—This is your resolve, your energy to persevere, the dogged confidence to believe yourself not society or the masses. When I coach people, the energy behind their strategy is the most important part. Even though it’s in the background, it’s the driving force. Do you see how this works? The strategy is really an overlay over what you know for sure and the openness, patience and persistence—the energy you bring to the effort. People often don’t understand why they fail…but if you look at this from a broad perspective and analyze it carefully…’ll see there is no lack of ideas, no lack of strategies…just look at all the books out there. We have the Internet which has more FREE information on how you can be more successful than anything that ever existed in history. And yet,…. are people more successful than ever? Problems persist, right? It’s more complex than we know….but there’s a way to cut through the clutter

And that is what I’ll close with. The undercurrent of knowing that I mentioned earlier along with openness, patience and persistence—the energy you bring to the effort is influenced by things we can’t quite see or grasp. As mentioned, things work for you that you don’t know are…like serendipity, chance encounters, karma, alignment with the energy of the Universe…..whatever name you give it.. Also, the big revelation for most people is that negativity stifles momentum and robs you of energy and initiative. Negativity inhibits. Society and mass culture accepts negativity as normal— Fear, anxiety, sadness, dislikes, arguing, holding a grudge, blaming, are obvious negativities but still accepted as part of everyday life. More subtle daily experiences also contribute to accumulated negativity. The uncertainty of everyday life and inability to see goals to completion, a lack of understanding how things work, unpredictable circumstances and constant change or lack of consistency leads to frustration, disappointment and carrying around resentment. These are all forms of more refined negativity, less visible but readily (and wrongly) accepted as part of everyday life.

You cannot be successful if you are unhappy. Recognize that negativity leads to dissatisfaction, and that dissatisfaction leads to unhappiness…. Society says it’s normal. To you it should be abnormal…make it so.

You’ll hear me discuss this throughout this podcast….You can’t have patience or persistence if you are complaining, disappointed and resentful…and those qualities are the opposite of remaining open. Begin today, right now….move away from the negativity you encounter, don’t judge it or be arrogant about it just choose differently.

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Welcome to Start With YOU Episode #24

Hello and welcome once again to the Start With YOU Podcast. I’m your host Brian Braudis. Considering the strict, sitting cross-legged for a prescribed time each day, I do not meditate. I employ the tenets of meditating to my daily efforts. For me, meditation is a lifestyle more than a session.

I’ve distilled it down to six tenets of daily operating. 1. The physical part: I am judicious as to what I allow to permeate my space. When I do my daily workout…I may be running fast or pushing hard but at the same time, I am slowing down, becoming still and sensing my thoughts before they are able animate me. I am constantly mindful of what is real…the real and true wealth of life…from which everything else is derived…AND this is crucial because it is the opposite of what mass culture dictates… That is:

Happiness leads to success, Security in Self leads to wealth and thoughts create our experience.

  1. I am committed. I don’t waiver or waffle. I know that crisis meditating is ineffective…again that’s what my Twitter feed is all about..Daily Investment over the occasional view. The occasional meditation will not transform your life or give you the results you want. The results of meditation are cumulative… It’s the piggy bank analogy I gave in Episode 20…. The first few times you drop coins in doesn’t make much difference. But if you keep dropping coins in consistently everyday, one day you realize you have built something significant that you can draw on when times are tough.
  2. Intention and Purpose. My solid intention is to connect with a deeper aspect of myself that has been endowed….long before any conditioning, anybody told that you were not enough…you were endowed with an indestructible and unlimited power of essence…My purpose is to increase access to that indestructible and unstoppable power.
  3. I stop and pause often…In fact, I make slowing down, pausing and stopping a habit. I will not be pulled into reacting. Again, I am not sitting and being still. I am being still while perceiving, listening and going about my day. In a way this is harder…not allowing my attention to be pulled into what may seem important but is ultimately not. What could be more important than your presence?
  4. Work to let go of attitudes, assumptions, expectations….I make an effort to work with what shows up in my life and avoid judging, labeling, condemning or justifying things… When something doesn’t go as expected, I say Hmmmmm, what can I do with that? If you think about it…when you identify strongly with likes and dislikes and life goes as it goes, you are setting yourself up for disappointments. Avoid creating tension and conflict.
  5. Apply overall energy that is constructive and additive. You can’t move upward if you are unhappy. Negativity leads to dissatisfaction, and that dissatisfaction leads to unhappiness. Unhappiness is at epidemic proportions in our society and at the root is negativity. Negativity is a form of stress. Most everyone in modern society is operating under a great deal of stress and negativity. Stress and negativity—which is just negativity piled upon itself, a double dose if you will, are readily accepted in our society as a cultural norm. If you are successful then you must be stressed out, it’s a given, they’re all doing it!

Fear, anxiety, sadness, dislikes, arguing, holding a grudge, blaming, are obvious negativities but still accepted as part of everyday life. More subtle daily experiences also contribute to accumulated negativity. The uncertainty of everyday life and inability to see goals to completion, a lack of understanding how things work, unpredictable circumstances and constant change or lack of consistency leads to frustration, disappointment and carrying around resentment. These are all forms of more refined negativity, less visible but readily (and wrongly) accepted as part of everyday life.

If you allow it, negativity amasses in you and also collectively in society. It’s the source of what you see outpouring as overreactions, arguments, and fights on airplanes, at rallies, sports events, and other gatherings, even on the roadways. If you are full of negativity meditating alone will not free you from it. For meditation to support you, you must support the practice and the mindset of meditation.

To wrap up…you could have the best education, the best job, the best family, but life will still push your buttons. I know PhDs who have derailed due to lack of emotional intelligence, lack of self control. A meditation lifestyle will help you unravel your past master the reactions and emotions that animate everyone else and move forward.

I encourage you to download my eBook to have a companion resource that you can take everywhere, keep close and make notes in.


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Welcome to Start With YOU Episode #23

Hello and welcome once again to the Start With YOU Podcast. I’m your host Brian Braudis. It’s instructive to give yourself advice based on what you know now. This will reduce ambiguity, increase clarity and focus and keep you on track, progressing.

When you give your younger self-advice you are re-asserting your values, what is vitally important to you.

This is a valuable tool for times when you may feel impulsive or…. even with best intentions you are still bumping up against life. I talk a lot about ultimate success and true freedom. The fact is it takes a lot of effort it’s a journey rather than a destination.

Giving advice or writing to your younger self helps you develop deeper insight into yourself, your strengths. It provides you with understanding. You can reframe what happened. Maybe there’s something that you don’t feel so good about. Something still rubs you wrong, a bad boss or a situation that really affected you. Give yourself updated advice, from who you have become and look at it as more lesson than mistake, advice giving helps you understand, accept and forgive yourself. You will gain insight!

Read between the lines—we can translate it together and you’ll see the value of this exercise. It sheds a broad flood light on everybody’s struggle. People may seem talented, accomplished, so different form you, so perfect…but everybody struggles, sometimes much in the same way. We often have the same questions. The more you listen to and read biographies you learn how people transcended their past their struggles, the more inspired you become…you begin to think, I could do what they did.

  1. First, I want to say, Brian, coming from a weird family, being different isn’t a weakness. Being different doesn’t limit you or hold you back….. You can do it because you’re different! The way you see the world is a result of your being different and that is your strength!
  2. Remember, it’s not about work life or personal life…It’s about all of life. Your life is the ultimate creative act. That’s the measuring stick…you know you’re on track when you are creating your life not reacting to life.
  3. Growth, evolution and progress are not a linear, straight-line affair. You learn from everything you try, everything you do. Learning is progress!
  4. Brian, don’t be your worst enemy. When people are not helpful or cooperative, when things don’t go as expected, don’t recoil and resent, you are just creating more obstacles. Go with it and see what happens next.  
  5. Success is not a future event. It is a daily, moment by moment occurrence. You future is shaped by what you are doing and feeling right now.
  6. When you didn’t get the opportunity you were trying for it wasn’t about you not being enough. It’s not like you were not enough then and you are enough now. It was always there. You were always enough. You just had to discover it. You had to be able to access it.
  7. When someone seems angry with you, lashes out at you with a complaint, put down or ridicule… Know that it has little to do with you, who you are. The behavior you see on the outside is a good indication of what is going on from the inside.
  8. You are not doing it wrong, how could you be? Others will tell you things like running is bad for your knees. Or, a master’s degree won’t help you in this economy…that is their reality not yours. Maybe you want to pursue a master’s degree for your own purposes, your own learning and discovery. Maybe you just want to run because you can.
  9. Discovering things for yourself is the most powerful thing you can do. It’s nice to hear about an idea or read about a concept but it is liberating to make it happen for yourself and truly own the experience.
  10. Now that you understand the human condition and you have insight into how violence causes more violence and dysfunction begets dysfunction. When you encounter difficult, impossible people, don’t judge. Pause and to yourself ask….not what’s wrong with you but what happened to you?

Do you see the insight, the awareness and understanding underlying that advice? That’s really what it is you know? You have changed. Your thinking has evolved.

Life has worked on you. The same way we use challenges and problems to facilitate learning in school, when you intentionally insert yourself into life’s modern-day challenges and work to develop awareness, insight and understanding you begin to transcend your past and blaze a new trail. You begin to realize that things don’t need to be fixed. They need to be understood. That journey and it prepares you on multiple levels to give your younger self some advice.


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Welcome to Start With YOU Episode #22

Hello and welcome once again to the Start With YOU Podcast. I’m your host Brian Braudis. It’s a struggle we all go through to develop into the Ultimate Success…to become who you really are deep down and realize the full potential of your character and personality is a real struggle… YOU may know about Maslow’s hierarchy of Needs. Around 1943 Abraham Maslow an American psychologist put forth a motivational theory that says while people aim to meet basic life functioning needs they also seek to meet successively higher psychological needs such as safety, employment, friendship and intimate relationships, on up to self esteem, confidence, achievement—which is the 4th out of 5 levels of the diagrammatic pyramid.

So visualize a pyramid, at the bottom #1 is the basic needs of life, going up sort of mirrors life as you grow up. You become employed and fend for yourself, you develop friendships, intimate relationships and you build confidence, achievement, others respect you…..and at the very top, the largest section of the pyramid is self actualization or some call it self realization—it is the process of reaching one’s full potential. The realization and expression of your talents that includes the depths of fulfillment…you are a creative force, free of prejudice, you accept facts, are full of spontaneity, morality, you are using your mind rather than being used by it. You have a depth of peace, you have this knowing that you are where you are supposed to be, doing what you are supposed to be doing….nothing can sway you. This self-realization is a drive or need that is present in everyone. I pointed to this in episode 20 when I mentioned how perplexing it is that everyone is clamoring to discover their purpose and yet we all have  the same purpose…..

I mentioned this in Episode 4…. When interviewed about his book Born To Run Bruce Springsteen said he struggled as we are all struggling to become who we really are. Springsteen described his development as a self-realization project he worked on since the age of 14…organizing, understanding and expressing his thoughts and feelings through song writing and performing. Springsteen said if you don’t take on that project to realize your full Self, the full potential of your character and personality you’ll find yourself lost in the wilderness.

So there it is folks….success. Can you see how success is developed at the depths, from the inside and how it flows into everything you do? The guitar, disciplined practicing, song writing, books, reading, lectures, study, codifying your thoughts and feelings….these are tools that help lead you to self-realization.

You could apply this to any profession….school teachers my friend is a history teacher and he expresses his passion, thoughts and feelings—think Good Will Hunting, Mr. Holland’s Opus. It takes time, effort, investment to develop the ability to fully know yourself and then comfortably fully express yourself to the world, without apology, explanation or justification.

This is the hardest thing to do and yet, the most necessary, the most essential thing to do. Maslow himself said only 1% of the population actually gets to self-realization. Self-realization is the Ultimate Success!

But to become aware means we begin to direct our life experience and that leads to you fully knowing yourself and then comfortably and fully expressing yourself to the world, without apology, explanation or justification.

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Welcome to Start With YOU Episode #21

Hello and once again, welcome to the Start With YOU Podcast, I’m your host, Brian Braudis. In our last show we talked about accessing the most effective leadership deep within you, your most effective Self.

Today we are going to talk about the Business Reasons for Going Deeper. What I mean by going deeper is deeper than the veneer of training or techniques. I’ve seen this too many times. Senior leadership throws money at a training program to correct a deep, cultural problem. A strategy will not change culture in an organization the same way a strategy will not change your personal or individual culture, how you operate. A strategy will not transform you into your most consistently effective Self.

For example, the U.S. Navy brought The One Minute Manager training to their entire force. It’s a great book and a great idea but did it change anything? One retired Navy officer told me the training went in one ear and out the other. How many times have you seen this? Nothing changes after the training is the most common complaint I hear.

So the Navy tried to get results and transform the entire maritime force. On the surface it looks good but it wasn’t effective. No one took a deeper look at assessing what the challenge really was at its root and what would most effectively meet the challenge. All the way around, a deeper effort would have been more efficient and more effective. Bottom line is there are business reasons for going deeper. Whether it’s you individually or your company, you cannot address a fundamental challenge with a topical training technique.

Well, I received an email from an entrepreneur who is bringing a new start-up to life. The company is new and the team is new and there are fundamental challenges. Jim says he can’t get in touch with his deeper Self, essence. All he feels is conflict, rejection, mistrust, people misunderstanding him and judging him.

Thanks for your candid email Jim! Start-ups are not easy. If they were the cliché applies, everyone would be doing it! Jim is in a tough spot. Even though he is one of two start up leaders, he is expected to have answers. His team members exist in a world of uncertainty and if he even just appears to not know something, his team’s mood goes from uncertainty to anxiety. Anyone who has ever worked knows that anxiety in the workplace is like a wildfire. It grows and it leaves a destructive path.

It seems the harder you work to battle the anxiety wildfire, the harder it is to contain. Often you end up exhausted and burnt out. This stress you are feeling is not the enemy. Stress is information. Think about that for a moment. Look at the deeper meaning of stress. When you touch a hot stove the burner is not punishing you, it’s telling you, head’s up, hot here! It is giving you information to operate by. Stress is information the same as feeling hungry is information that you need to eat or having a sore knee… We cope with being hungry by eating and we cope with a sore knee by going to the doctor. Doesn’t that deeper look at stress make sense?

So what kind of message is being conveyed when you are feeling conflict, rejection, mistrust, and being misunderstood and judged while you are trying to help? You know the world needs improvement and what you have can make a difference and you know you are just the person to deliver Improvement but you are getting pushback.

Pause and think about this. It seems you pushing hard against the pushback isn’t working. You are becoming exhausted and if you burn out then you can’t help anyone. There’s the message for all of us.

So back to the original challenge Jim was experiencing: conflict, rejection, mistrust and being misunderstood. If Jim takes the emotions from those feelings into a meeting….say with an investor….start-up meet with investors all the time right?

In all likelihood the meeting with investors will be at least challenging, if not intense. If Jim is not fully prepared something may come out that an apology later cannot fix!

Folks…don’t leave anything to chance…ever. You may only get one chance.

Put yourself in a position to win to triumph over the feelings of conflict, rejection, mistrust and being misunderstood.

Don’t identify with the feeling…When you identify with the feeling, you internalize it. Keep conflict outside not inside. Don’t let anything negative permeate your space. Space is what gives you composure, time to digest what is going on. Don’t even name it as conflict, rejection, mistrust, etc…because stay tuned, it will change. Oh, my team seems to be having some sort difficulty.

As you listen to their problems remember modern life is challenging and that’s why we are here to address challenges. What ever the challenge is it is not you. It is not part of you….You are not a dysfunctional entrepreneur or leader. You are fighting off the dysfunction that is around you. Keep the challenge, what ever it is outside.

Monitor, watch and observe your thoughts, your feelings from the depths inside of you…get a sense how when others, your team, shares what they are going through makes you anxious, uncomfortable, tense. Don’t act on those feelings just notice them…..Hmmmmmmmm, there they are again. Maintain your composure.

This takes practice. I advise people to do it at home with family, at the dinner table when your children say something insensitive or wrong, Think Hmmmmmm. Don’t react! Or when something doesn’t go right….Hmmm,OK I guess that won’t work, we will have to try something else.

You have to create a space for connecting the challenges with your deep indestructible core. It is the smart, practical and pragmatic way to ensure unencumbered continual growth and expansion toward the best parts of YOU and consistent excellence.

You may find it hard to access, especially the first time you try. But keep trying…


  • Are you breathing right now or are you being breathed? We don’t control our breathing. Breathing is done for us by the life force within us.
  • We cannot regulate our heartbeat, or blood flow. This happens to us. This is the life force that leads and sustains us.
  • The cellular activity within you—2 trillion cells, constantly growing and updating information. They keep you alive and functioning in unbelievable ways, incredibly minute and overwhelmingly precious!

Have you ever heard someone say, I’m 52 years old but I feel as though I’m 25? That’s it! That is your changeless core, your Essential Self, essence, your deepest Self. We can all feel this energy at our core. You at essence are a life force beyond anything you can imagine—untouched by events, drama or conditioning. You may feel uncertain, anxious or offended emotionally, but at essence you remain pure, unscathed and powerful!

Now use this energy to interact with the world. Develop an intimate relationship to that energy deep within you and watch your life never be dull again. Watch your purpose flow into everything you do. You will never be insecure; uncertainty and conflict will be on the outside only. Internally you will be calm, confident and still, always knowing what to do. You become the consummate leader.

In closing….go back and listen to anyone of the Start With You Episodes…The progress that I talk about in each episode is connected to the deeper Self. The only way to address deep and complex challenges is from essence, the depth of certainty within you. Thanks for listening. Until Next time, I wish you more than luck!

Here’s a closely related blog post. 

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Welcome to Start With YOU Episode #20

Welcome to the Start With YOU Podcast. I’m your host Brian. Our last episode was about real freedom…the end of reacting to people’s behavior or being bothered that you are misunderstood. Now you continue to remain present—having full access to your strength and composure even when you face an irate team member or an angry customer. It’s the only way to lead, the only way to operate.

None of these outer distractions matter really when you look inward and connect with the real you, your own unique strength, talents and capacities. Well, we’re going to go deeper now into this…how do you consistently access the most effective depths of leadership within you? How do you get to this deeper dimension of who you are and why?

The why is easy. I assume you have a good heart and you want to be the best you can be and reach the level of excellence, mastery even. You want your decisions and subsequent actions to be based on wisdom and certainty not quick-fix guess work right? Of course!

Would you agree that modern day challenges are deep and complex? So your solutions should come from a place of depth that offers certainty rather than topical or surface…the veneer. Also when the world pushes you down and constantly demands more and more from you, you need a solid foundation to draw on. You need replenishment. When you connect with your deeper self you access resources you didn’t know you had. You operate from a knowing that society cannot provide. You have an uncommon resolve and you’re always dealing with the truth. You are always working at the level of cause. It’s the only way to lead …….Many people work on symptoms. They never get to the root of the problem and they wonder why it doesn’t go away.

What we are talking about here is leadership from the depths within you. Physicists have found that at the core of every object made up of matter we are all, in essence the same. Essence is the indestructible and unstoppable power we have all been endowed. Your human essence is an indispensable, inherent life force that gives you access to your heart. When you feel love or absolute certainty about something. That, all is right with the world feeling that, is essence. Some refer to it as Spirit, God or the Source…It’s universal so I call it Nature. But it is actually the Source of Nature that has endowed you with a deep indestructible, unchangeable core.

Now I’m going to help you with how to recognize and touch that core. Are you ready? OK. Think back over your life. Visualize, smell the aromas, feel the clothes, taste the foods, feel the weather, the wind, the cold, the warm summers, from atop that lighthouse we talked about, remember who you were when going to the Prom, your first trip to the beach, your first job, any schools you attended, how you have developed. Your first job was probably entry level, but now look. You have changed so much and become so much more responsible and valuable, more professional, maybe you’re a CEO, a leader, manager or a supervisor, entrepreneur heading up your own start up.    

Did you get a feel for how you have changed and grew throughout your life?

Good! Now look inside and feel deeply that part of you that through all that growth, development and change, the people who came into and left your life, connect with that part of you that hasn’t changed. Connect with that dimension of you…. that core, the essence that remains the same no matter what. That is who you really are. That is you at your core, the indestructible and unstoppable essence that makes you YOU.

That is the space in you through which we access true or Primary purpose. Pause and feel that part of you that has remained unchanged, unconditioned by life. That is who you are. Do you sense it? You know, everybody has one universal question to know what their purpose is. Being caught up in the routines of day to day dulls living and people feel there is no significance to life. People feel stressed out, uncertain and anxious. Life has become stagnate or frenzied. And those who enjoy prosperity, come to find out that the so-called good life hasn’t given them meaning or purpose.

When life becomes dull, tedious, boring and lifeless. When our vitality for life is missing we have forgotten or lost alignment with our original, endowed source of love and potential.

We gradually become immersed in mass culture and societal norms and it’s easy to forget who we are and get caught up in hype and begin following along with the rules and values we don’t really believe in. We begin mistakenly to identify with and operate by the messages of societal norms and mass culture….sort of like we are on autopilot. You become reactive, following along. Life is leading you. You overlook the power you have been endowed with. Doesn’t’ that make perfect sense? Do you see that?

So what is your Primary purpose? As mentioned earlier, physicists have found that at the core of every object of matter we are all, in essence the same. We also all have the same Primary purpose…that is to awaken, gain insight, understand and become aware. This is the Primary purpose of everyone because it is the purpose of humanity as a whole. Isn’t it strange that everyone is clamoring to discover their purpose but we all have the same Primary purpose? And even more perplexing is we all want to end pain, suffering and live from with inner peace. But most people can’t figure out how. They are like the beggar we mentioned in our last show!

Most people don’t observe that day to day choices, stresses, challenges cause wear and tear that go unnoticed until the costs show themselves as hopelessness. They don’t believe that they have the means, the capacity to help themselves, even though they are sitting on untold wealth.

At the heart of high stress, low energy, and learned helplessness—pervasive in mass culture by the way—is a lack of insight, awareness and understanding of who you are and the endowed power you have over your destiny.

Finding and connecting with your Primary purpose is the foundation for fulfilling your secondary or outer purpose.

LASTLY, think of a piggy bank. The first few times you drop coins in doesn’t make much difference. But if you keep dropping coins in consistently everyday, one day you realize you have built something significant that you can draw on when times are tough.


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Welcome to Start With YOU Episode #19

Hello and welcome once again to the Start With YOU Podcast. I’m your host Brian Braudis.

The Real Road to Freedom is real success. Meaning you no longer need to remember formulas, models, acronyms or the top 10 tips of the week. you no longer need to ask am I on track? You know from a depth beyond description what you are doing is right for you. You are blazing your own trail, distinct from anyone else. You have written your own script and your comfort zone is so broad, so deep that no matter what happens, nothing anybody does can faze you. Rejection, lack of appreciation for your efforts, criticism—things that would impede, stall and stunt anyone else’s growth don’t affect you.

Think of it this way. The shift to the Real Road to Freedom means you operate from a solid, changeless core. This is your Primary Purpose. Primary is reality is inward.

What you do, action, goals, productivity; your job, the roles of your life are your secondary purpose. Or your Outward purpose, which is fueled, influenced and enhanced by your Primary Purpose.

So when you have the primary right…That rightness, your deeper primary purpose flows into everything you do. You are easily driven forward by your primary purpose. You are comfortable with the uncertainty of life. Paradoxes don’t bother you. You are confident and self assured and you create opportunities out of any situation that may exist. As the famous psychologist Carl Rogers said, when an individual becomes more deeply and fully himself, greater satisfaction and happiness results. 

How do I begin to get on this road?

Almost everybody has experienced the one step forward, two steps back syndrome. You make progress; get a promotion, a new job, only to find out later that you went from the pot to the fire. Or you make progress and someone criticizes you. The Real Road to Freedom frees you form the tension turmoil and frustration of these menial patterns that distract, drag you down and stunt your growth are so common, so accepted in society and mass culture that it leaves you thinking…what can I do? Become aware!

Recognize that your secondary purpose is always impermanent or we could say changing. You don’t have the job you had right out of college…It’s rare these days to stay n one job for 40 years. Your goals have changed, what matters to you has changed…secondary or outer purpose is continuously challenged and interrupted and always changing. And that’s OK because what anchors you and drives you forward is your solid and changeless internal primary purpose.

What we are talking about is developing our primary purpose and connecting and aligning it with your secondary outer purpose. Your primary purpose then flows into everything you do. Does that make sense? Can you grasp how powerful this is?

Have you watched a quarterback perform under pressure—big players circling him wanting to tackle or sack him but he performs beautifully, completes the pass, makes the play. He is operating from the inside out –beyond skill. He has connected his internal primary purpose to his football skill. Under the most extreme circumstances he is not flustered or distracted from the goal…literally the goal! What is inside You?

You may have heard of the beggar that was found sitting on a trunk helplessly pleading for money, food, anything to help get him through the day. When a passerby had nothing to give him but asked what was in the trunk he was sitting on, the beggar said, I never looked. There’s no point in looking because nothing is in there. The passerby persisted, why don’t you look in the trunk? Finally he relented. Upon opening the trunk the beggar’s eye’s bulged and his jaw dropped in shock and disbelief. Inside the trunk were jewels, diamonds and gold.

We are like the helpless beggar; conditioned, uninformed and disbelieving that we have the means, the capacity to help ourselves, even though we are sitting on untold wealth.

Like the beggar our helplessness is learned. We blindly follow the story we’re told. We look for external wealth and we spin, squabble, backbite, claw and fight for mere morsels. We follow the communal message of negativity and scarcity and it’s completely acceptable, expected in fact. They’re all doing it!

We have never looked inside to see our valuable potential. Think about that….your potential never changes, never is diminished. It is always there ready. But we typically look outside. We turn our backs on the indestructible and unstoppable power we have been endowed. Your human essence is the indispensable, inherent life force available to create the life you desire.

First look inside…. recognize and feel the power in you to influence and create situations….to ignite potential and put fire under your goals and productivity. Here how to begin:

1.Ignite your ambition from the inside with enthusiasm. Remember, there is ambition that is greed and there is ambition that is service. The latter is true leadership. Through enthusiasm you show enjoyment from the inside. This adds intensity and energy to everything you do. Enthusiasm means high energy, nothing can pull you down. That’s why Emerson said, nothing great will ever be achieved without enthusiasm

2. Expand, deepen and broaden your perspective. The broader and deeper your perspective, the easier creative solutions, ideas and innovations come to you. You develop the ability to see beyond the clouds. You know the sun doesn’t go away on a cloudy day…it’s still there hidden by clouds. In our first show I mentioned how I was lost in the wilderness…a thick fog grief and bewilderment. I knew there was more to life than a 27% unemployment and anguish. I knew there was growth somewhere. There was more and I had to see with my entire Self. This shift, opening up to a deeper and broader perspective was my flashlight in that fog. The power comes from within.

3.Observe yourself. Pay attention to the thoughts that come up and the patterns, how the voices in your head are animated through emotions. Pay attention to your moods, recognize how your thoughts create or influence your mood. Recognize the coming and going of thoughts. You’ll soon know that they pass quickly if you don’t act on them. Just recognize don’t judge, condemn, or fight them.

Observe yourself as though you are at the top of a lighthouse looking down on yourself…while you’re at a party, having a conversation, or interacting on the streets in your town.

This brings a new dimension to you. You have new access to yourself. This is the your essence behind the thinking. Being able to bring about this shift is the secret of creativity. Artists, musicians and writers know how to access this deeper dimension…their art shows the access they have to their entire being.

4.Lastly avoid all negativity. Recognize that fighting fire with fire so to speak only makes the fire larger. When you encounter rejection, criticism, lack of appreciation, recognize it is not personal to you, more like it is the human condition. Snapping back or fighting it will only bring more negativity, resistance and ill feelings.

Work on things like observation, awareness, gaining insight and understanding of the human condition. Recognize the human condition in yourself. The anxiousness you feel, how uncertainty makes you uneasy, how you feel the need to criticize, judge others behavior or label them. It’s natural but there is a better way.

The Real Road to Freedom means that all of life, everything that happens is OK. You no longer react to life; from deep within, you choose and lead your life based on what you value. Your primary and secondary purposes are aligned into one effort. Everything you think and do serves your upward movement. You don’t need accolades or the approval of others. What others do or say are no impediment to your movement and growth. You no longer have a need for people to understand you. You understand yourself deeply and that is enough. You know precisely where you are going and how to get there.

In closing, The reason for being stuck, not living the life you desire has more to do with resourcefulness than resources. Know that you don’t need anything except the effort to get the primary right and pursue goals, productivity and action from that foundation.

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Welcome to Start With YOU Episode #18.

Hello and welcome once again to the Start With YOU Podcast. I’m your host Brian Braudis. We really mean it, Start With YOU…. Daily frustrations, disappointments…the answer no, rejection, criticism and being told your wrong, ……continually being corrected will discourage anybody.

Once we get discouraged we take all these sometimes small “you’re wrongs” harder and harder.

It takes more and more effort to stay on the high road…and then we add negative thinking, assumptions and interpretation to it and you hit a wall and give up.

Psychologists call this learned helplessness it’s quitting that follows the belief that whatever you do doesn’t make a difference. Now, this all builds on itself….that is each piece adds to the other to build learned helplessness, then, how you explain all this to yourself is the final straw that makes you quit.

How you explain all the daily frustrations, criticism and rejections of life is called your explanatory style and it comes from your view of your place in the world. For example, are you valuable, deserving or worthless and hopeless? This is the characteristic sign of an optimist or a pessimist tendency.

Here are some deep insights into explanatory style…..i.e, how you explain events to yourself. People who give up rather easily tend to think the causes of events are permanent. That’s how things are it will always be that way and it will not change. If you describe bad things as always and never you have a permanent pessimistic style, here’s what this sounds like…….

  • That’ll never work
  • I’m doomed
  • She’s a nag
  • My boss is a SOB

On the other hand if you believe the causes of bad events are temporary, your explanatory style will look different. If you describe bad events with a temporary, a sometimes or a transient quality, you have an optimistic explanatory style. Here’s what that sounds like….

  • I’m just tired
  • I’m out of sorts right now
  • She nags when I leave a mess
  • My boss is in a crabby mood

Here’s why this maters so much. Daily frustrations, disappointments…the answer no, rejection, criticism and being told your wrong, ……continually being corrected discourages anybody into a momentary failure mode.

It’s painful but the hurt goes away. The optimist almost instantly recognizes hey, I’ve got more strength and energy, no doesn’t really mean no. It means not right now.

For the pessimist the hurt lasts. It seethes, it churns into resentment, more negativity builds and sometimes it takes weeks or months to come back. Some may never come back.

Explaining good events shows up just the opposite for the optimistic explanatory style. Good events for the optimist are described as linked to permanent traits and it goes something like this.

  • I’m always lucky
  • I am talented
  • My competition is weak

Good events have permanent causes for the optimist.

Explaining good events for the pessimist is again the opposite as for bad events. Pessimist explanatory style views their good fortune as temporary and it goes something like this.

  • It’s must be my luck day
  • I try really hard
  • My competition got tired

Good events have temporary causes for the optimist

You maybe asking now OK……..How do I change?

Hello and welcome once again to the Start With YOU Podcast. I’m your host Brian Braudis.  Go back and listen to my previous shows. They’re all related. Look a little deeper for the meaning and you’ll recognize why I push you to observe and monitor yourself. What thoughts are coming up? How do they make you feel?

If you look at every event, situation or context closely, if you are in a mindset of leading your life, leading yourself you will see through the avalanche as something to be actively managed. Your predicament needs a little of your reason.

Using reason means you use the power of the mind to think, understand, and form judgments by a process of logic. You use your ideas. You write your own script.

Apply reason to the layers in the avalanche. Start by logically assessing the rejection, criticism, being told you’re wrong. Your boss says your idea is terrible. Is that a reflection of you or is your boss showing his reflection? Bill Gates said, as I got older and wiser, I learned to no longer say, that’s the stupidest idea I’ve ever heard because it showed my immaturity and insecurity as a leader.

Use your mind to separate fact from fiction and form judgments by this process of logic

Finding logical, temporary and specific causes for setbacks always leaves room for resilience. You don’t give up, you take the next step. You are gaining insight and understanding, of course you are moving upward.

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Welcome to Start With YOU Episode #17.

Hello and welcome once again to the Start With YOU Podcast. I’m your host Brian Braudis. I want to first say thank you for the rating and comment on iTunes…AND congratulations—you are open to listening, not to just listening to confirm what you already think, but really listening to learn something new, a new perspective, a new approach. You wrote that your eyes are open. Congratulations! You are in the 1% Club! The few people who want to move out of pain, suffering, dysfunction and actually do so!

★★★★★I came upon this podcast while searching what to do with a mean coworker and began to listen on how to not fix my situation but to see what the actual situation is. My eyes are open and ready to hear more… this helps a lot, thank you!

Well what we are doing here isn’t just new, it is evolutionary..a permanent cure to what we all experience—what is often called the harsh realities of life…..unfair judgments, labeling, resentment, pain and suffering. We can end this. We have a responsibility to improve and evolve Humanity!

There is a better way. That’s what Start with YOU is all about.

We must face the harsh realities of life and grow beyond the daily pain, suffering and frustrations. But unfair judgements, harassment, #Me Too, violence, bullying…all add to the detractors that pull us down. Trauma added to disillusion is insult to injury. BUT we must move upward!

I mentioned this before but it’s worth repeating. Psychologists report that chaotic and disordered homes are widespread with about 87% of families enduring some level of dysfunction. If you are unsure of your level of childhood trauma, I suggest you take the ACE Quiz. The ACE Quiz is a tally of adverse childhood experiences. The higher the score—up to 10, the higher risk there is for problems, disease, and difficulty functioning in the modern world later in life. We now know that 70% of our population has an ACE score of at least one. There is more in my New eBook.

So when you encounter someone who is angry, mean, full of rage or just lost in the wilderness…don’t say what’s wrong with you but rather what happened to you?

This includes you my friends…give yourself a break, some space…everything we talk about must be developed and even if your past is limiting, you can create a limitless future. Say what happened to yourself  and build from there.

In the first show I introduced myself and shared with you how I moved forward by becoming my own coach and philosopher but I didn’t talk too much about the conflict I faced.

I the first episode, I mentioned I was in a thick fog of unknown and grief when my father died but that had more to do with my young age than anything else. My father was mean and physically when he died suddenly, I experienced a range of emotions that I couldn’t handle—relief, sorrow and feeling lost at sea…a rough sea…all at the same time….really deep and complex emotions for a 15 year old. Also, I have 8 brothers and sisters so neglect, well that’s what made it a rough sea………..conflict and fear was always there.

I worked on the BIG ROCKS. I wanted a cure not mere relief so I worked on the cause rather than symptoms. I didn’t want to spread more suffering and be in misery throughout my life so I sought out answers to life’s big questions.

One of my CEO friends, a former client now friend said to me…Brian, you talk a lot about negativity. Yes! That’s because it is so widespread. It is something that holds us back without us knowing it is holding us back…negativity is an especially insidious and troublesome blind spot because it is readily accepted as “normal.” It’s un natural to look there. So I’m creating discussion and understanding around negativity because when you recognize and understand the structure and mechanism of what is holding you back, you are free. You say Ahaaaaaa….now I know why I do that. Now I can recognize, intercept and manage that feeling before I act on it….Now, my better angels are able to come out from hiding.

Folks this is the beginning of transformation…. Recognizing and understanding is the line between the old you and the new, aware, insightful and enlightened you. These are the BIG ROCKS.

Recognize your incessant mind chatter….hummmmm, it’s mostly negative.  Just notice without interpreting, judging or labeling……….Your noticing will bring light to the dark of negativity.

Notice too how negative mind chatter intensifies when you want to do something new and different. No wonder we try things only once then abandon efforts.

Outer Reflects the Inner

Outer behavior always reflects the inner state. A curt response, overreacting or shooting the messenger—what you see on the outside is a good indication of what is provoked from the inside.
When you are full of negativity and spinning about yesterday’s meeting, last year’s performance evaluation or the promotion you deserve but didn’t get, what shows up or what comes out is angst, negativity and tension. Your leadership suffers.
People can’t experience the best you. They can only see the state you’re in. You appear bitter, ineffective and unable to handle life. They judge the negativity because they can’t see or experience the real you!

The pointer here is to reduce negativity before you internalize it.

Begin reducing negativity by increasing your awareness of the voices in your head. When our attention is absorbed by 60,000 thoughts per day we become absent to everything else. When the master is absent, negativity is very happy to permanently move in and take up residence.

Let’s look at how we can begin to reduce the source of negativity…

The obvious sources are how we interpret situations, what people say, how they judge…remember I said sources. Anger and conflict are a result of negativity. This is why insight and understanding are the BIG ROCKS. When you understand people, yourself and the human condition, you no longer rely on others for validation or approval.

Get in touch with what you are feeling. Pause and be still. Feel yourself from the inside. Note gloominess, feeling that life is dull, cynicism, apathy…those thoughts in your head are telling you that you are worthless,,,get in touch and remind yourself those thoughts and feelings—remember emotions animate your thoughts. Those thoughts and feelings are not you.

This is a BIG ROCK…people confuse thoughts and feelings with reality.

Negative feelings are in you but they are not you. Negative feelings are not in reality. The Universe is neutral, impartial.

We spend untold energy trying to change external circumstances to create a better experience…we try to change others, our partners, friends and enemies…We don’t have to change any of that!

Negative feelings are in you…nobody talks about that. That’s why we are in the mess we are in! Reality is not problematic. The problems are in the human mind…those 60,000 thoughts per day, 48, 000 of them negative! This is the awareness, the insight that is lacking.

In closing today I urge you not to identify with those thoughts and feelings…They are not you. Don’t say, I’m depressed, I’m a cynic….NO depression is in me, cynicism is in me. If you have depression, hurt feelings, cynicism….let it be. It will pass.

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Welcome to Start With YOU Episode #16.

Hello and welcome once again to the Start With YOU Podcast. I’m your host Brian Braudis. Our time is occupied with training and techniques but are we progressing. Are you getting past your past?

Look around. Celebrity-types are struggling. They can’t keep a marriage, they can’t work with others without romantically or sexually pursuing them, think….#Me Too!

They are surely well-trained. They have exposure to the best training and the best coaches in the world but are the progressing? Are they moving society forward?

Are they advancing humanity?

Training is a superficial Band-Aid. We get a quick fix, just enough relief but no cure. This keeps you in suffering, in pain, misery and disappointment.

To create REAL progress we need fundamental change at the level of cause….See my eBook

To begin there is one overarching requirement. To be open to learn something new, to entertain that there may be a better way. Maybe your ideas and interpretations are off.

Listen and seeeeee without preconceived notions, filters, social constructs. Give people and situations space.

Become more aware of what is pushing you to act. Your interpretations of events, there may be a better way.

Understanding. When you give space, become aware and understand. Problems melt away!

Recognize negativity. See it is in you. The Universe is neutral and makes no judgments. We judge, interpret and label. Seeeeeee this!

Try this for yourself. Be open, be present, be vigilant and watch what happens. Observe how you feel.

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Welcome to Start With YOU Episode #15.

Hello and welcome once again to the Start With YOU Podcast. I’m your host Brian Braudis. I spoke to a group of over 200 executives, leaders, and workers at the NFMT Workshop in Baltimore and the pulse of the average worker, the takeaway was that the average worker is overwhelmed and over worked. 

This points to the shift necessary to move Upward, don’t be average!

But what if you have had a problematic past and finding the strength, mustering the grit needed to transcend the communal narrative, mass culture’s negativity is beyond reach for you?

Reframe. If it is out of reach, it’s only temporary. Make it so. Find your strength with my new eBook: The Way Upward: Make Your Limiting Past a Limitless Future.

For immediate relief, here are three tips for managing stress better:

  1. We are not as good at deescalating as we are at getting pumped up….but we need to get better at being able to relax to survive and thrive in today’s world…we need to slow down, pause and check our mood—observe what is driving us and turn it around. YOU need to be doing the driving. Reaction means tension and escalation… but lack of reaction means composure and de-escalation. Reconsider your response to stress. 
  2. Prepare a strong offense. The best defense is a strong offense. Embrace the fact that life doesn’t play fair and you shouldn’t either. Stack the deck in your favor. Prepare for the worst and hope for and make every effort to bring about the best.
  3. Shift your thinking. Stressful thinking leads to stressful feelings. We conjure up stress by worrying, letting uncertainty create anxiety and fearing scenarios of what has not yet happened. Everything in life is vying for our attention. Be selective on what and how you think about things. Mark Twain is famous for saying; I’ve experienced many terrible things in my life, a few of which actually happened.

The average person reacts to life. Don’t be average! Know that each day’s effort is pulling energy from you and you only have so much. Proactively build a reserve of strength and composure. Create your environments. Invest in your well being.

It’s understandable if you had a problematic past and you feel some how you are inferior or unprepared on a deep level. Psychologists report that chaotic and disordered homes are widespread with about 87% of families enduring some level of dysfunction. If you are unsure of your level of childhood trauma, I suggest you take the ACE Quiz.

The ACE Quiz is a tally of adverse childhood experiences. The higher the score—up to 10, the higher risk there is for problems, disease, and difficulty functioning in the modern world later in life. We now know that 70% of our population has an ACE score of at least 1.

Anyone who has had a disordered, adverse or abusive childhood is more likely to face vulnerabilities and limitations later in life. 

Chaos, disorder or abuse of any kind is known as developmental trauma, and it conditions in the wrong direction, destructive over constructive. As a result, you are at risk for almost any type of physical health, mental health or social health problem that you can think of.    

Those who suffered from cruelty and abuse are unprepared to respond constructively to oppression and anger in adult life. At the very least we can say that they lack the resources to deal with these issues constructively.

That’s why when you encounter someone who is having difficulty, pause and ask: not what is wrong with you but rather, what happened to you?

For a more permanent solution, work at the level of cause. Here’s a little precursor to my eBook.

Increase your awareness–identify the negative feelings in you. Note your present condition, whatever it is. Observe it.

Understand that negative feelings are in you, not in reality.

View these feelings as feelings only not who you are. Recognize that these feelings come and go. Just observe.

Grasp the fact that when you change, everything changes. See more in my eBook.


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Welcome to Start With YOU Episode #14.

Hello and welcome once again to the Start With YOU Podcast. I’m your host Brian Braudis. Today’s topic is conversations about What’s Holding You Back?

It seems there are more impediments and distractions than ever these days. So what does one do?

Take a Deeper Look

Underlying what holds you back is the human condition…our minds are impressionable… or easily influenced…it has been shown many times through research, marketers know this. That’s why they pay $5 million for a 30-second add in the Super Bowl (2017)….Marketers know getting your attention and influencing you is easy and worth their investment.

Along with being easily influenced, we are blindly conditioned by our environments. We are being conditioned by Society and mass culture and we don’t even realize it!

Here’s the broader context. You’re doing some things and you have some success, it’s not life or death so maybe you get pulled off your efforts for some priority…taking care of a ailing family member, child and when you get back to your effort it’s on the back burner, you lost some focus…you work on things that consume your time but are not contributing to your goals….FOCUS is the big thing here.

While you’re trying re-gain your focus toward growth, learning and evolving your thinking and improve your lot in life… other things are operating silently and unknowingly in the background influencing and contributing to your thinking, your beliefs, your narratives and your actions and even your self-image and confidence.

This is Life’s education its about developing awareness of what is real, essential and yet hidden in plain sight–hard to talk about and yet influencing us constantly.

So here’s the snag. You can’t follow along with the communal narrative, societal norms, mass culture and then expect to be different, or get different results…to stand out, be super successful, happy, at ease, decisive, creating your own destiny. You can’t be extraordinary if you primarily influenced by the ordinary….it won’t work it’s a mismatch!

The key is to notice the influence Society exerts. Notice how it’s out of balance. Negativity, dysfunction and violence—energy, momentum and spirit killers—the downward spiral outweighs kindness, compassion, hope and love—the upward spiral.

Lack of focus that I mentioned earlier combined with unbalanced negative influence contributes to one step forward, two steps back, stopping, quitting, giving up and failure to realize your dreams.

The predominance of negative is accepted as normal in our society. In very small, infinitesimal ways we adjust moment-by-moment with each interaction our thoughts and beliefs become shaped and informed by the negative side of humanity. It’s a cumulative build up of negativity, dissonance, friction, conflict and tension.

We unknowingly, in very small ways adapt and we begin to believe that—anxiety is acceptable, conflict and frustration are “normal” and unhappiness is just part of the deal

Negative conditioning is a major cause of unhappiness. AND….it’s difficult if not impossible to perform at your best when you are unhappy.

Look around…. unhappiness is at epidemic proportions… We are overweight, heavily medicated and in debt….We have the most but we are the unhappiest.

Negativity is wrongly accepted as part of life. Daily frustrations, lack of fulfillment, anxiety, resentment, etc.…. are viewed as necessary, even justified in our society….

I call it The Umbrella of Unhappiness…everything under The Umbrella of Unhappiness colors our activities, actions, events…the way we try to move forward…. Mass culture does not recognized negativity as a problem, or a source of unhappiness its accepted as normal. Start With YOU!

Start With YOU

Distractions, impediments like negativity and critics make you lose focus. You end up working on things that consume your time but are not contributing to your goals.

Negativity is like the water that surrounds fish and the conditioning effect is constant. You have to be single-minded and vigilant about heightening your awareness and staying present. Stay present and stay focused.

Unless you are paying unimaginable attention, your mind and time are occupied away from recognizing what is essential but goes unnoticed…

This is simple to grasp but hard to do. You will be moving counterculture. Know this. Your best ever flows into what you do from a very positive place deep within you.


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Welcome to Start With YOU Episode #13.

Hello and welcome once again to the Start With YOU Podcast. I’m your host Brian Braudis. In other words, how to actually make change work for you—how to change your life.

Typically we hear about how someone got sober, beat the addiction, lost 50 pounds…profound change! We will talk about that and pull the pointers out that will expand our understanding of change

We will also talk about less profound change….that may be even harder. Experts tell us that people make a change when the pain of staying the same—is greater than the pain of change, then we change

That makes sense. The pain of drug addiction can be really bad so the pain of the change involved is much less. BUT what about less profound change? Such as: you work in the warehouse but you want to be a manager. OR you work as a manager but want to be a senior leader? OR you’re the COO but you want to be the CEO? What about these smaller changes of improvement when there isn’t much pain……..We’ll break both of these down to their core approaches, motives and practices.

Let’s begin with a 60 Minutes Story from October 15th 2017. RECOMMEND IT Shon Hopwood was a convicted felon bank robber who got out of prison and became a law professor at the prestigious Georgetown Law School.

Shon Hopwood wanted an exciting life and it seemed he didn’t know how to find or make that happen as a younger man..he made some mistakes and eventually he found law to be exciting….Then he found his purpose, his higher contribution. What would it have been like for Hopwood if he would have had more of an open mind and done more digging as a young man? No one knows.

It seems we take things in life for granted…Like we have to touch the hot stove to see if it’s really hot.

The trick is to become interested, to study, read, explore more with an open mind…look into the hot stove before having to touch it. can I find what excites and interests me…how can I discover my purpose without having to hit rock bottom? Shon Hopwood said it is wrong to think federal prison is what helped him turn his life around. He said prison is no place for personal growth. He recognized that he, like all of needed personal growth. 

Let’s Say you want to lose some weight, get in physical shape or get a promotion at work…any change that will put you on the path toward a better you. Start With YOU!

1st set a goal or define what you want, where you want to go, who you want to become. Once you have your goal set begin paying close attention to your thoughts and actions. People love techniques but the best technique is your thinking. Thoughts are naturally followed by actions. Make absolutely sure the way you are thinking on a day-to-day basis is strongly consistent to where you want to go, who you want to become. We see this everywhere if we look close enough. A good example is with the Mohammed Ali quote… I am the greatest! I said that before I knew that I was. Ali knew where he was going. He didn’t let any non-believer distract his thinking. That’s what we all need to do right? Gain control of our thoughts…create an overlay of positive, productive…where you are going thinking over the wilds of daily self-talk…. YOU SEE, The undeveloped mind is unreliable, subject to change and all over the map. Develop the ability to consistently focus your thinking on what you want to create, where you want to go.

Thoughts turn into emotions and our emotions turn into physiology..our make-up, the functioning Self.

If you are not directing your thoughts, your thoughts are directing you…are you driving or being driven by tour thoughts? This is where the true saying the mind is a terrible master but an excellent servant originated from. Start With YOU!

It is so simple ….change your thinking, redirect your thoughts…but the simplest things can be the hardest. BUT This is how you transform your life.

You may think that changing your thoughts is a small thing, insignificant. But it is actually the biggest change you can make. It literally will transform your life.

NOTICE how every minute of everyday your mind is filled up with some kind of chatter—thinking, ruminating, pondering, brooding, and worrying. How can you focus on change, becoming your best self if your mind is full of these thoughts? There’s no space for anything else! You only have so much energy. IF you do only one thing to change, change your thinking! Changing your thinking is the one thing that will change everything. It separates the mediocre from the exceptional.

Now as you work to adopt new thinking toward the goal you set… incorporate imagery and visualization. With visualization you observe your performance as a spectator. Like watching your performance on a video. It’s traditionally called Visualization because you “see” your performance. You create a mental picture of your efforts.

Imagery is more of an experience than a visual picture. You “experience” your performance as if you are actively participating rather than watching from the outside. You see it from your own eyes as you would in a real 
performance. This is more accurately called Imagery because it refers to a total experience of your performance. It is more than just visualizing. You 
experience what it feels like when you’re out there by involving each of your senses that are relevant to the actual performance; sound, smell, touch, sight 
and taste. If you’re running, you’re hot and sweaty, if skiing you feel the cold, if your in the office you feel your chair, smell the coffee in the break room……..

Both techniques are effective for skill development but are used for different 
purposes. Imagery is the more powerful technique because it engages each of your 
senses and can literally engage your brain into the actual performance

So you set specific time aside to do this… Practice taming your mind. Train your mind to think the thoughts you choose. AND to use imagery and visualization…imagine what you will look like operating as a better YOU, how you will be, how you will feel. I recommend 10 minutes each day. On my website under book resources you’ll find my form that will guide your efforts. I call it my 10 Minute Leadership Habit…You build the habit of training your mind.. Let’s face it. You can’t have perseverance if you’ve never persevered, you can’t have patience if you’ve never had to wait and you can’t have resiliency if you’ve never came back strong from a setback. You Have To Practice and build these skills. There is also a calendar on my website filled in with 10 minutes of working toward a better version of yourself…personal growth, reflection and learning building….each day. It’s a great example of what the 10-minutes should look like. You build a habit and each day’s effort builds on the previous day creating tremendous momentum.

You might be thinking these efforts are small…BUT they amount to and mean everything..YOU are working on developing, mastering your control center…your intelligence center that creates the results you experience in all of life.

What I see the most in working with hundreds of people is a lack of planning and a lack of focus. People rely on the flow of life to get them where they want to go and it doesn’t work. That’s why I always hear people say…I’m not where I want to be…they are reacting to life not creating their life.

We need to intentionally invest in ourselves, with purpose/…take the time to figure out what lights you up, what drives you to do what you do..this takes time and investment and it’s the best investment you can make…. AND 10-minutes everyday is better than an hour once a week…the everyday effort builds momentum… like a body builder adds minuscule muscle with each day’s workout…your mental and emotional strength builds the same way. You add on small amounts of strength each day that add up to make you look on the inside the way that body builder looks on the outside. And actually you’re stronger than the bodybuilder….The real energy of life itself is mental, attitude, emotion…

What do you know about yourself that no one else knows? The feeling of your destiny and the picture you have of yourself in your mind…go and bring that to life!

In closing I want to summarize what I heard Elton John say in a radio special. He said, what I would tell anyone is…go through life and trust. Trust the process of your efforts… It will happen if you have the faith to believe and the faith to let it happen.

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Welcome to Start With YOU Episode #12.

Hello and welcome once again to the Start With YOU Podcast. I’m your host Brian Braudis. Beginning this show where we ended the last show….the best defense is a strong offense..The things that pull you down, detract from your best efforts, rob you of energy and stress you out occur without effort…..THEY FIND YOU! That’s right. Communal negativity, the collective dysfunction, …Mediocrity WILL FIND YOU!

On the other hand, Strength, power and resourcefulness…have to be built….the extraordinary and the inspirational have to be sought out and pursued. That’s why setting up a good defense is not enough. A good defense will keep you afloat but you’ll be treading water only….you won’t be moving, underway, or progressing. To grow and progress you have to go on the offense…..become stronger than the forces that pull you down and detract. You have to be more persistent than the communal negativity and more resourceful than merely using tried and true efforts….If the front door closes on you, you have to be resourceful enough to find another way in.

Consider Sam and Sarah two clients— line managers who had two distinct attitudes and styles of response to the proverbial door being closed.

They both have personal and professional ambitions for becoming more valuable, increasing their contribution, having more responsibility and more of an impact. So they both made a promise to themselves to improve their life….. develop as leaders, getting in the best physical condition, improving their eating, sleeping and work/life balance. A solid focus on investing to become a better person and a better leader….now this may sound daunting but remember…they were making the consistent small changes that add up to big improvements.

In the process, they both made a run for a promotion and applied for a vacant branch chief position.

Neither was selected for the promotion. But they both got a taste of what senior leadership was looking for in a candidate. The person they hired was already where both Sam and Sarah wanted to be…highly developed as a leader, articulate, diplomatic..clearly prepared for the work ahead.

Sam took it personal and his response was to shutdown and become obstinate. He made it clear that his bosses were going to pay for not selecting him for the branch chief position. He was in a constant, cynical low-boil rumbling like a volcano ready to spew. NOW Sam never misses a chance to complain. At meetings he gives a wisecrack retort, on conference calls he noisily grunts, crumples paper or pounds his desk. His misery spreads like a bad infection.

Sam has loudly articulated his willingness to change only after acquiring a promotion. He now refuses any new leadership training calling it “charm school.” Sam’s demeanor is toxic lava “sliming” the hallways and cubicles leaving behind sulfuric fumes.

Sarah’s perspective changed too but in a different way.. She saw her potential and held it alongside her effort. She faced the fact that she could do more to facilitate her own promotion and she could be more. She recognized that the person hired was already where she wanted to be. Sarah now understood that there was more to a promotion. You have to be inspired to be inspiring.

Sarah looked in the mirror and re committed herself to improvement. She became more energetic, more enthusiastic and more flexible….a problem solver and a go-to resource. Sarah became so good that her bosses couldn’t ignore her.

This is not to say Sarah didn’t become frustrated. Operating the way she did, as a true leader is not easy. Sometimes leadership doesn’t feel like leadership especially when you don’t hold the “official title.”

But Sarah was NOW recognized as a consistent and relied upon valuable contribution…no matter what the circumstances were Sarah could be counted on to contribute. Sarah led herself and made the investment that will pay off the next time a promotion comes up.

You see the opportunities are always there. The conditions are less inviting…it’s more like you have to create your own conditions…. create your own sunshine even when it’s cloudy and rainy.

Conditions are rarely if ever ideal. I’ve seen it hundreds of times….people surmounting almost unbearable conditions and triumphantly prevailing because they created their own conditions.

I hear you asking..what specifically should I do?

  1. Recognized that we are all subject to being conditioned and influence and create your own conditioning. Don’t allow circumstances to tell you who you are, what you are capable of… You choose what to think, what to believe…make a decision to program new thinking…a new operating system…create your life rather than react to life,,,choose advancement rather than avoidance. Get aggressive and go after what you want..not defensive or tentative…get aggressive….remember a strong offense.
  2. Achievement and advancement depend on learning new skills and developing new habits.

Research into the habits of the wealthiest people points to some eye-opening habits…81% of the wealthiest people maintain a to-do list. 76% exercise 4 days a week, 44% wake up3+ hours before work in the morning. 88% read 30 or more minutes each day. 86% of the wealthiest people believe in life-long educational self-improvement. Again, these are the small changes that add up to BIG improvements….

  1. The smallest change that leads to the biggest improvement is your thinking. We have all been conditioned that seeing is believing…. But we now know that we must first believe with absolute faith to bring something about in our lives.

*If you don’t believe reading that book will help you improve, you won’t read it.

*If you don’t first believe you have potential you won’t work at developing your potential.

*If you don’t first believe you can become more valuable, you won’t invest in yourself.

*If you don’t believe in yourself you won’t make the effort.

If you combine the non-ideal conditions with thought of lack or limiting beliefs. It’s enough to hold you back….like driving a car with the parking brake on.

Again, create your own conditions…. follow the hiker’s creed. There is no bad weather just inappropriate clothing.

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© Brian Braudis 2020

Start With YOUUnstoppable Confidence II. 

Welcome to Start With YOU Episode #11.

Hello and welcome once again to the Start With YOU Podcast. I’m your host Brian Braudis. Once your concept of self-image is changed, improved and reimagined, reinvented… things consistent with the new concept of self are accomplished easily without strain…. Research abounds to prove this point. School students who are told they are worthless become worthless, on the other hand, students who are immersed in praise and what is possible live into the image shown to them…look no further than the movie Lean on Me…based on a true story about a school threatened to be taken over by the state until the right principle is hired and turns things around. Mainly creating an environment of growth and an atmosphere of elevated self worth.

For you, begin creating your own environment of growth and atmosphere of the appropriate highly elevated self-worth.

You have to practice developing a new self-image. In fact, you practice so frequently that you make it a practice….make improving your self-image a practice.

The practice formula consists of application, repetition and reinforcement ..this is how new learning and approaches will over ride previous conditioning and become your default behavior. You continuously take new action, learn new things and commit to new behaviors. You become masterful… you continually improve, it becomes enjoyable, your personal growth is fun, the work is invigorating.

Intercept thoughts of weakness, negativity, and vulnerability. This is your mind it’s not you…YOU are much bigger, more significant and more powerful than your mind….in fact, you are in control of your mind…it’s not the other way around. Recognize this and take control of your thoughts…Play the active role here of LEADER…lead your own thought process.

This is so critical. When you feel good about yourself you will exude goodness when you feel successful, you’ll act successfully. Your self-image is the basis, the premise, the foundation of who you are, your behavior and your circumstances….DON’T allow mere perceptions of negativity, inadequacy over ride who you are.

A lot of people do well starting out with this effort and in time they say, I’ve got this, and they stop.

The stresses, demands and negativity of life are insidious…they silently sneak up on you when you least expect it… FOLKS this…building a strong self-image where your confidence is unstoppable takes daily attention not an occasional review. YOU have to get serious about this if you’re going to be successful. As I’ve mentioned I previous shows, shun the amateurish approach and become a professional.

The best defense is a good offense. Life is like improvisation…you have to be ready for anything. How do you prepare for anything? You become fundamentally stronger, more powerful, more resourceful…you make yourself available for success….you aren’t well trained, you perform exceedingly well on demand! You are masterful!

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Welcome to Start With YOU Episode #10.

Hello and welcome once again to the Start With YOU Podcast. I’m your host Brian Braudis. Today we’re talking about confidence. What is confidence? In one way it’s how you feel about your abilities …you may be a skilled piano player and highly confident you can play a tune and at the same time you could have low confidence with a topic such as organic chemistry. But REAL confidence…unstoppable confidence is more than that.

Unstoppable confidence is confidence for life… the boldness and courage to try things you may have low confidence with, or not know about or be good at but you are comfortable and confident enough to be a to try, to start, to be a beginner…because YOU can get good at anything….you are not humiliated or intimidated by things you know nothing about..RATHER you are confident in your underlying abilities. It isn’t playing the piano that gives you unstoppable confidence. It’s what is under the ability to play piano. The mental freedom, the strength, you view yourself as confidence to make things—even what is unfamiliar to you, happen.  

That points to the critical foundation of unstoppable confidence. You know that you have the ability to make things….even things that may be unfamiliar to you…happen. You have a strong SELF IMAGE…WHAT you know about yourself that is under the surface… a feeling you have, a deep knowing about your self..that only you have….you hold close. That is self-image…

Self-image is the key to the unstoppable confidence that leads to a rich and productive life…it is the goose that continually lays the golden eggs.

Whether we realize it or not we carry a self–image into every endeavor, every effort…we have a mental picture, a blueprint of our selves—it may be vague or…or not even recognized or acknowledged by your conscious view but it is there influencing and affecting our actions….

YOUR self image has been built up and formed over the years through your experiences—how people have responded to you, your successes and failures, your triumphs and embarrassments… all internalized toward a mental construct, a picture of Self….Add to this picture a belief about your self and it becomes an unbending truth that you don’t question.

ALL of your actions, your behaviors, your feelings and abilities are consistent with this self image. You act like the sort of person you conceive yourself to be. We ALL DO!

If you view yourself as a victim who is meant to suffer, you will always find circumstances to verify this opinion and sentiment. If you view yourself as a “F” students, not good at science will invariably find the situations that bear this out.

Your self image is the foundation where your entire personality, behavior and your circumstances are built. Everything you experience originates from your self image.

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© Brian Braudis 2020

Start With YOUSuccess Lessons and Strategies From The Headlines

Welcome to Start With YOU Episode #9.

Hello and welcome once again to the Start With YOU Podcast. I’m your host Brian Braudis. There are so many great success stories that appear in the headlines but they gloss over the story and we don’t see what was going on to create the success. Sometimes we end up with more questions than answers as a result of the story.

  • What drove the person to dig in and change?
  • What did it take?
  • Was it hard?
  • What worked?

This story is from Today March 13, 2017

30-year old Erica Lugo sat on her couch, in Centerville Ohio AND her 3-year-old son Connor gazed at her and asked if she would sit on the floor to play with him. “No,” she immediately said.

The reason?

Lugo felt too tired to get off the couch. That “no” sparked a shocking comprehension….a huge wake up call for Lugo

Telling her 3-year old son, she couldn’t play with him, because she was too tired to get off the couch,'”.

That was three years ago….since then Lugo lost 160 pounds from her 5-foot-11-inch frame. When she first started, a fitness regime she felt depressed to learn her weight was 322 pounds…her heart sank when she saw that number.

It was probably in Erica Lugo’s subconscious… somewhere..tugging at her that she could do better…that perception of the gap between what she is and what she could be…was vividly exposed by telling her son she was too tired to play …Lugo then realized…something needed to be done, now is the time!

Erica Lugo was depressed by her weight, the number…what happened here??…wasn’t she aware of it? Maybe not…what typically happens is you become less active, skip working out and lye around more than you should…. Nothing drastic goes on, you get busy, pulled away, distractions happen….You don’t even realize it’s happening..

We seem to become conditioned to being lethargic…conditioned to how you look and becomes your new normal… See…. far worse than not working out for a couple of years is we don’t realize what that choice is doing to us we don’t realize how much it matters…

Now what I just described we talked about in the first few episodes…namely episode 4…what Erica was doing was reacting to life…life is directing you.…when you react to life…rather than creating your life you’ll discover after a period of time.. when you look…you are not where you want to be …You didn’t plan to be lethargic, out of shape and overweight at 30 years old…you hadn’t planned on getting older, less active…and so you experience the symptoms of reacting to life and not creating your life…’re .frustrated, angry’re embarrassed because you know you are designed by Nature to grow, change and move forward… you know you can do more. Erica Lugo finally realized that passively reacting to life or worse yielding to life is a powerless position to be in…….. When you begin to create and direct your life you are regaining your power… . to create the life you want.

Lugo said she never understood nutrition and exercise…so she downloaded an app and followed what was on the app…smaller portions and exercise 4 times a week for 20-30 minutes…Lugo said the basics is what worked here…eat less move more….She lost 122 pounds the first 13 months.

When she plateaued….it was getting harder to get the weight to come off so she went deeper… teaching herself about advanced nutrition and exercise…learning what would get her to the next level……

SEE technology and books will only take you so far. You can’t rely on books or technology to make you masterful. You become masterful through your own efforts. Books and technology are aids YOU are the instrument!

At this new level she learned that if you put on muscle you will jack up and raise you metabolism even higher….so she began weight training….now she was working out 5 to 6 days a week doing cardio and weight training.

In the next 11 months she lost another 38 pounds….and she maintains the weight loss through diet, weight training and cardio.

Erica Lugo said she feels like she is learning something new every year. She said I’m so much stronger. Folks can’t you feel it? She is not just physically stronger, she is also more resourceful, more powerful….…Erica Lugo solved her own problem, she is leading her life! It took courage to take a risk, bet on herself… and she won! Can you imagine the confidence she has now?

The #1 lesson for all of us is to recognize is you are in charge of your life…. YOU have the freedom and power to take you’re your life in any direction…..

I encourage you to say answer the call with a yes, Stop lethargically following. Make sure that when you step back and look you can say YES, this is where I wanted to be, this is where I planned to be!


To do anything…..You must believe in yourself…it is the critical ingredient of success…. believe you can make the changes and live the life you want to live……SEEING IS believing but if you first don’t believe, you may never see it!

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© Brian Braudis 2020

Start With YOUMastering Your Movement

Welcome to Start With YOU Episode #8.

Hello and welcome once again to the Start With YOU Podcast. I’m your host Brian Braudis. Today we’re talking about movement…. Some people want proof. Well, relying on others to verify if something works is a weak follower position. Trust your own judgment, believe in yourself and …lead your efforts…become so strong, so powerful, so resourceful that you no longer look for others to validate what you are doing.

I encourage you to not wait for proof… put these concepts, ideas and strategies to work…act as if the proof is there…Edison didn’t wait for proof…he led the effort & created proof…Henry Ford was laughed at… people said his contraptions would never be useful…again, lead and create your own proof! Emerson said Do the Thing and YOU Will Have the Power….

Intellectual understanding by itself is inadequate to create movement. You are still subject to old blocks from impulsive thinking and impulsive behaviors that are ill suited for who you are becoming. ACTION– experience, practice and repetition will help reshape and old self-defeating behaviors and habits

Look for examples in your life that illustrate the results you’re after, look for the creative mechanism on display. We already talked about a few…Beethoven and Ben Franklin…They didn’t have proof…they didn’t start out on top, no one does. Success is created.

A friend of mine (JIM) did this. The background for Jim was what we talked about in Episode 6…being different and after some discovery, not wanting to fit in or work to get a promotion where he worked.

Jim started out with the intent to lose weight and get in incredible shape and it ended up…he made himself into a first-class professional trainer. It was just Jim, books, videos, websites, a coach and a lot of experiences and practice. It was a lot of work…Not all physical, Jim had to develop interpersonal skills to motivate and work with all kinds of clients…

He now makes his own hours…full disclosure here…Jim works more hours now than he ever did before but now he’s in charge. He is the dictator of himself…he is directing his destiny…and he is completely fulfilled…..He describes himself as a HAPPY disciple of fitness and views his work as a contribution, his gift. This is who Jim was meant to be…The way Jim describes his new self majorly helped him achieve his success, you see his goal was supremely important to him as a result of his own deep-felt needs and aspirations….he couldn’t help but go after it with vigor, as if proof existed…Jim was in integrity…functioning where he was meant to function.

Folks there is no substitute. There is no substitute for practice, experience and self-discovery and the corresponding first-hand movement…the movement toward personal mastery. From here we broaden our range…we expand our inventory…we’re moving and becoming who we are meant to be.

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© Brian Braudis 2020

Start With YOUThe Stress-Free High Road

Welcome to Start With YOU Episode #7.

Hello and welcome once again to the Start With YOU Podcast. I’m your host Brian Braudis. Anyone who has ever worked, had a family, attended a family gathering…basically lived a life knows about stress–what if feels like.

But the experience is different for everybody. What is stressful to you may not be to your friend, neighbor, partner…. Everyone’s experience with stress is different. Some enjoy being frightened by a movie or thrilled by jumping out of an airplane.

My daughter loves being in the first seat of a rollercoaster….she can’t wait to get on one, I can’t wait to get off…….

Stress is like beauty and art hard to describe but you know it when you feel it…It’s part of being human… researchers can’t agree on a definition….but generally describe it as a state of mental, emotional and /or physical strain or tension resulting from discontentment or adverse, demanding circumstances.

When it comes to work however…. we can all relate to the stress at work…… your boss requests you to come to their office and that walk down the hall… It’s unnerving.

Here is a little known fact…. similar to an alchemist we can transform and shift the stress and anger to a place of transforming it into good stress energy that drives YOUR efforts….Here’s what Mahatma Gandhi said about transforming energy….I have learnt through bitter experience the one supreme lesson to conserve my anger and as heat conserved is transmuted into energy, even so our anger controlled can be transmuted into a power which can move the world.

Gandhi is telling us this is a skill that can be learned and developed and when you do that you change everything in your path………..Start With YOU!

Friends…don’t allow stress to deflate you. Don’t become a victim. Don’t leak and waste your energy. Use the situation to drive your efforts toward greatness…..Rise above the struggle each day

Here’s a distinction…Using the drive that comes out of a challenging situation as a..I’ll show Them!!! Be careful here…..That’s ego centric…a false YOU.

Using the drive that comes out of a challenging I’m going to become better, more valuable, I want to help, I have a gift , I have a contribution….That’s authentic You!   Gandhi also said….“I have not the shadow of a doubt that any man or woman can achieve what I have, if he or she would make the same effort and cultivate the same hope and faith.AND CAN I ADD…I have no doubt you can do it too.

REMEMBER what I said earlier Research couldn’t agree on a definition of stress. Well they do agree on one thing and my experience confirms it too….. that the sense of having little or no control is what stress is all about.

Let’s take a candid look…This is not negative but rather a realistic acknowledgement of reality. Does the world support your efforts to create the life you desire, become who you are and realize the full potential of you character and personality? Does the world support your self-realization project?

Does the world add to your resources or demand from you? Right… You advance one step but the world continues to demand from you and if you let the demand exceed resources, stress ensues ..and that my friends causes your two steps back.   This is why I harp on continuous investment in yourself, continuous progress and improvement…Constantly becoming stronger, more powerful and more resourceful and more creative…This is the only way to advance.

And that’s if we’re aware…stress can be insidious…it sneaks up and overwhelms…we think we’re fine…I’m good, I can handle it…. until one day something small sends us over the edge and all of a sudden we are flooded…we have a meltdown, an outburst, we spin and reel or we just go into seclusion, shut down…. If this continues unabated, we burnout, become cynical, spread blame around freely, think nothing can help..we go off the edge and we give up…….We see these people all the time.

Here are 3 suggestions How to master your stress:

  1. Stress is information, that’s all. Think about touching a hot stove. The message is this is unsafe…manage accordingly. Don’t let stress become more than information. Use the information to pull back, engage, drive harder..what ever the information is telling you manage accordingly.
  1. Stress is not the enemy. Don’t blame stress manage stress. We are living in the information age…Use what only you know about yourself, your intellect and the courage you have mustered to ensure daily that your thinking and your actions are aligned with where you want to go, who you are becoming….
  1. Remember, success not perfection. Actually truly self-realized and successful people know not to strive for a trouble-free, perfect life..truly successful people relish and thrive in the imperfection of our daily human experience.

Managing stress also requires a shift. Become an alchemist and take the stress resulting from criticism, indifference and putdowns as fuel to become stronger, more powerful, more resourceful and more creative…

Don’t scorn this reality. Rather use it to mend and develop toward realizing the full potential of your character and personality. This is not a one-time thing…it takes effort and input to stay on the stress-free high road.

Build an overflowing reserve of strength and resources and then you can be there to help and guide someone else to the stress-free high road.

Thanks for listeningare you finding these episode useful? Am I meeting my goal of making the content useful? Send me a note about what you think…is there a topic you would like me to cover? Start With YOU!

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The Power in Being Different

Welcome to Start With YOU Episode #6.

Hi folks, welcome once again to the Start With YOU podcast. Today we’re going to begin with an email… Hey Brian: It’s hard for me to deliberately & intentionally lead my life when I feel like an outsider. At work I’m ignored even though I try to take the high road and give solutions not problems.

I applied to get in a advanced leadership program several times with different cohorts but they seem to let others in who are problem makers…The only answer I can come up with is it’s personal, it’s about me!  

Folks, This is an example of what we talked about in Episode 4…life pushing us down, robbing us of our strength, confidence and resolve…. This is especially true when you’re percieved as being different. 

These are the symptoms…the symptoms that we need to become stronger, more powerful, and more resourceful… it’s OK…..We’ve all been there. The important thing is we’re not staying there… We will become stronger and more resourceful… That’s why we’re here!

Remember what― Eleanor Roosevelt said, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”  Being different is not inferior!

If you’re feeling different, like an outsider, like you don’t fit in….you probably don’t ..and that is not a bad thing. It stings and hurts but ultimately you are in a place of advantage.

The big advantage is you are free to reject the normative pressures, the communal negativity and social conditioning that is expected by those who do fit in…..You don’t have to fit in, you get to fully be yourself…Because that’s the idea…………. to develop and reach your full potential…you realize and bring to life what deep down only you know you are capable of.

Know this…If you’re going through a tough time like this…questioning how you being different even matters, feeling alienated, doubting yourself ….well this experience could make you a great artist, author, or a great individual someday…THINK…Lady GaGa, Ray Bradbury, Lady GaGa was bullied in High School for being different and author Ray Bradbury’s writings were rejected…He wrote 3 million words before his first story was published.

We are sensitive instruments for sure….But the tough time we’re talking about here is nothing more than a conditionConditions are subject to change…especially when you make them change!

The key is Success begins with Self…If you are going to boldly and unapologetically be YOU….You must know yourself… as psychologist Carl Rogers said when an individual becomes more deeply and fully himself, greater satisfaction and happiness results…..Satisfaction means you’re moving in the right direction…you are no longer the servant to your circumstance, you’ve become the master of your destiny.

You don’t accept the ideas, thoughts and judgments of others because you now choose your thoughts based on the beliefs and values you have internalized.

The deeper you know yourself the more you know what gives you strength and confidence and what you need that will drive you forward.

The definitive key to knowing yourself is you begin to align what you want with what you do…Down to the minutia, you integrate you plan for growth and improvement daily.

I suggest, you SET time aside each day to get in touch and connect with yourself.

A Strength Reminder…..

Remember the internal strength you’re building is also intended to overpower and triumph over the little voices you hear….you know the voices…that say:

  • That’ll never work, why even try?
  • They didn’t call back, they don’t like me.
  • I wasn’t asked to present, maybe I’m not that good?
  • They won’t listen to me

Use your inner strength to intercept and redirect those voices…Keep the voices starved for attention.

One more thing to know about the voices….They are silent if you’re staying put….If you decide to do nothing…keep working in your job, don’t pursue a fitness regime, don’t write that book, don’t advance, don’t become masterful, just go through the motions, do enough to get by…the voices are silent.

The voices, and the criticism, judgment…they only resist in one direction….when you’re moving up, improving…becoming masterful.

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Work Smarter Not Harder

Welcome to Start With YOU Episode #5.

Hello and welcome once again to the Start With YOU Podcast. I’m your host Brian Braudis. Let’s discuss Personal Mastery….. working smarter not harder. Yes, the deceptively simple effort of personal mastery… OK the procrastinator says to the zealot improvement coach…. can’t I just go along to get along. Can’t I just do a little reading, a little training and get by?

Yes! You absolutely can and that’s what most everybody does…they do enough to get by. Know this…whatever you invest will come back to you…if you invest enough to get by you will…get by.

We have the freedom to invest everything and the freedom to invest nothing. You choose. Your investment is exactly equal to your pay off. A farmer for example can only harvest what he plants…that’s a law of Nature… like the law of gravity, pretty black and white……    

People hear “personal mastery” and they think I’m not masterful….I can’t do that! That denial thinking inhibits energy…. Realistically acknowledging what you’re made of…that truth, will give you energy.

Most people don’t know what they are capable of. They don’t know their own genius. Their brilliance is dormant, latent, under the surface and it takes the effort of personal mastery to uncover their talent.

Consider two highly creative and fully realized artists….…Paul McCartney and GeorgeHarrison…fellow Liverpool resident Sir Ken Robinson tells how Paul and George were in the same music class and the teacher gave no notice to Paul and George’s attempts at playing music. No inspiration or encouragement from the one person who would have made the biggest impact on Paul and George…that probably left them a bit bewildered…But they didn’t say I can’t do that….they said let’s try and see if we can make something happen Using what they did have they went elsewhere for encouragement and began on a path of nonstop improvement and development….

I imagine their nonstop unbending improvement looked something like learning to ride a bike ….scared and shaky at first, going slow, falling, a few band-aids…trying again, adjusting, learning improving, trying again…..repeating this process countless times….and here’s a key…adjusting their disciplined effort to each new level of proficiency until…full speed ahead, Paul & George became masterful.

It doesn’t have to be drastically more work. As the saying goes work smarter not harder! 

Personal mastery is a shift folks………….that’s all We shift to a smarter, more powerful stance.

  • Shift from thinking you are not masterful to realistically acknowledging what is right with you
  • Shift from following others to leading your life
  • Shift from working on yourself to investing in yourself
  • Shift from an amateur effort to professional investment
  • Shift from self-help to self-mastery

Again, not drastically more effort but a shift in approach, a shift in thinking. Imagine you have all the pieces but you don’t have a picture of the finished puzzle….

Approach your life with intention… like everything is a piece of the puzzle…..….every encounter, every endeavor has a takeaway for your to add to the picture of the finished puzzle….you realizing the full potential of your character and personality. ….Make your life your self-realization project!

Difficult childhoods, career struggles, the unfairness life deals us sometimes…..that’s not the story folks! Those things are everywhere…I’ve read that there is about 87% dysfunction in the world….. So that’s not the story….That’s everybody’s experience…

The story is how you surmount the dysfunction, transcended the past, triumph over the communal negativity and surpass the mediocrity, … you avoid repeating the same dysfunction…and create a new story………….that’s the story. 

Use the path of personal mastery to make what is inside of you stronger than the forces outside of you AND

Create and live into that new story of triumph, success, greatness, and wealth…… 

REMEMBER…………Don’t believe the critics….believe in yourself!

If not now when if not you who?

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Personal Mastery and You

Welcome to Start With YOU Episode #4.

Hello and welcome once again to the Start With YOU Podcast. I’m your host Brian Braudis. We started a radically new conversation around creating your life rather than reacting to life to address what I’m hearing from all of you…such as…..

  • I’m not where I planned on being at this stage in my life.
  • I start out my day strong, ready to make an impact only to become exhausted and give up
  • I feel lost because I don’t have enough time to work on fulfillment or finding my purpose.

We can see these are SYMPTOMS… symptoms that life is directing are reacting to life rather than creating your life…..

It starts with YOU…you are the instrument. Discover your purpose, find your target and aim for it….but it takes more than a cursory effort …merely reading a book or two and passing judgment on what it said will not help you……..We can’t back off….YOUR best self must be continuously cultivated…What we need is continuous progress, continual improvement… To bring an end the floundering.. the…one step forward two steps back….You must become stronger, more resourceful and more powerful so that what is inside you is stronger and more powerful than the external forces that drag you down and rob you of the strength, confidence and spirit to triumph.

The road to continual progress and continual improvement is the path of personal mastery… Can you imagine mastering your life to the point where all your steps are forward….no steps back!

Personal mastery is where you develop the ability to create the results you want..…you continually improve on the ability to develop and reach your full potential…the full potential of your character and personality. 

Your life is the ultimate creative act… the act of developing and reaching your full potential…you realize and bring to life what deep down only you know you are capable of. 

This is nothing new…truly successful people have been working toward personal mastery for years….they may not have called it that but none the less, everyone must some how develop the strength and skill to override their past, out perform negative forces and quite simply learn, evolve and grow to be successful in the business of life.

Benjamin Franklin made self-improvement a continuous theme in his life. He created “rules” for himself to follow so he could improve with each day.

He went from a haughty, arrogant criticizer to being known for the quote… “I will speak ill of no man.” 

Here are Benjamin Franklin’s 13 virtues to cultivate and live by:

It’s a struggle to develop and realize the full potential of our character and personality… when interviewed about his new book Born To Run Bruce Springsteen said we are all struggling to become who we really are. Springsteen described his development as a self-realization project he worked on since the age of 14…codifying his thoughts and feelings in song writing and performing. Springsteen said if you don’t take on that project to realize the full potential of your character and personality you’ll find yourself lost in the wilderness.

So there it is folks…..We know what to do….Truly successful people take criticism, feedback and life’s difficulties as fuel to develop. They don’t scorn reality. Rather they use it to mend and develop toward realizing the full potential of their character and personality. This is not a one-time thing…it’s an ongoing journey…continuous progress, continuous improvement…everyday push to become stronger and more resourceful…..

When what is inside you has more clarity and becomes more profound and more powerful than what is outside,,,you know you are on the path of personal mastery. 

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Episode 3 Invest in Yourself

Welcome to Start With YOU Episode #3.

Hello and welcome once again to the Start With YOU Podcast. I’m your host Brian Braudis. One of the most famous and influential composers of all time is as famous for music as he is for his infinite and miraculous strength. Beethoven transcended a difficult and tumultuous childhood under the rule of a violent, alcoholic father.

If that wasn’t enough to get past……..

Later in life Beethoven began to lose his hearing. Audiences, including princes and nobility appreciated his musical talents but when they realized he was going deaf they admired his extraordinary strength even more.

Musicologists who study Beethoven say his compositions have a heroic while somber undertone that reflect the challenges he endured and the infinite strength that fueled his triumph over those trials.

Examine the records of anyone who has achieved noteworthy success and see commonalities….such as a Spirit of open mindedness and discovery, Definitive purpose backed by unwavering action. The thing is there is no one way to stay open and move into action with definitive purpose. There are as many ways as there are individuals. The individual makes the difference. Beethoven made the difference!

Going deeper on the bold growth that it takes to transcend and outdo our past and exceed previously held limits requires what I call a growth mindset..

A growth mindset means you intentionally invest in yourself to make yourself more valuable and as you invest…you come to expect a payoff….It’s only natural that investments payoff!

With a growth mindset you’re continuously growing—you manage in the arena of who you are now while growing into who you are becoming

The brief portion of my story from the first episode and Beethoven’s story are not that extraordinary…Troubles are everywhere..a part of life…..What is extraordinary is the response to these difficult circumstances……Too many people just show up in life and expect things to improve.. ……they let life lead them.

Fact: Mediocrity and poverty require no extra effort. They will find youSuccess requires growth, input and action,…… new thinking, new approaches.

A growth mindset means you have taken the reins, you are in the driver’s seat…you are the director of your destiny.

The payoff of a growth mindset is developing your limitless potential. 

You continually develop your abilities, so at any given time, you have the ability to change your situation and change reality. You’re never far from your cutting edge. You are always ready to launch for what’s next.

When Beethoven was challenged by a loss of hearing he didn’t miss a beat….a big part of his genius was how he seamlessly shifted to something new…he was prepared and ready because he was investing in himself all along.

Here are 3 take always

  1. Focus on daily improvement and the months and years will take care of themselves.The one surefire way to progress and realize your BIG dream is to learn & grow incrementally—making small advances daily in your life.
  1. Make the outcomes you want to see in the future part of your everyday life. If you want to be more disciplined…start now and use reading, a fitness plan or improved eating habits to build rock solid discipline that will serve every area of your entire life. You don’t have to follow a fitness plan or a diet plan from some book to the TEE…start small, make your own plan…just make sure you consistently take action…start and build …don’t quit. Use my 10 Minute Leadership Habit tool that’s on my website to invest just 10-minutes each day to reflect, learn and grow…in your business and personal life. That little 10-minute investment will compound and add up to over 3 hours per month of self-directed growth…You will always be close to your best thoughts, your best self.
  1. Use reading to do more than read……..Read extensively and widely not to just gain information and grow intellectually…..but also with the intention to increase discipline, focus and concentration. Read to accelerate your ability to decipher meaning and quickly identify what’s useful for you. Develop the ability to quickly distill your own interpretation of meaning.

Get very comfortable with books so that you get to the point where you can look at a table of contents and know what you want to get out of the book and what you don’t need to spend valuable time on. Go to my blog for a detailed article on becoming a better reader

Your growth mindset is not dependent on a winning circumstance. Rather it creates the winning circumstance.

Remember, not work, investment and that investment… Starts with YOU!

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Episode 2 The Enemy of Growth

Welcome to Start With YOU Episode #2.

Hello and welcome once again to the Start With YOU Podcast. I’m your host Brian Braudis. In today’s show we’re going to explore the #1 threat, the #1 enemy of growth.

We acknowledged that many of us are not where we want to be…NOT living the life we would choose…..    

To stretch and boldly create what’s next you undoubtedly will face detractors, no-believers and naysayers.

The strength to surmount the external detractors requires us to have our internal house in order. You simply cannot be one of your own detractors…… just won’t work!

What is the enemy of developing and maintaining this forward momentum?

People will try to lead you to believe that the economy is the enemy. Your boss or your crummy job is the enemy or they blame resources, it’s too expensive to get a coach, it takes too much time to go to school. I can’t read all those books!

None of these are the real enemy. Believing that nothing ever changes, you are powerless, that life is directing you and you have no influence, no control….that is the enemy! 

If you believe you are powerless, you will never grow, evolve or fulfill your destiny. Cynicism is the true enemy of growth, change, a better world! 

Cynics think—nothing they do matters—the world is already mapped out, predetermined and stacked against them.

It’s easy to criticize and condemn and be cynical anyone can do that. The truth is we simply don’t know what may work. No one knows where the treasure is buried! Remain open to what is possible not predetermined and closed. There are ordinary people doing amazing things right now. Emphasizing what is possible makes success probable.    

Finally, the reality is cynicism points to a scarcity is an easy escape for those who have no answers, no new thinking, no new initiatives. Cynics are saying I can’t make a difference so I’ll just complain, whine and point fingers.

I encourage you to look in your heart of hearts and remain open to discovery.

Don’t follow the cynics….Lead…Use what is uniquely you to create what only you can create…We need YOU! It Starts With YOU!

For now, thank you for listening and I’d love your feedback. 

Until next time, I wish YOU more than luck!

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Meet Your Host

Welcome to Start With YOU Episode #1.

I call this podcast Start With YOU…because I believe everything starts with the individual. Starting With YOU nothing has more power, influence and potential to change the world than the individual.

WHY am I doing this podcast? Conversations tell me a lot of people who share with me that they are not where they want to be….I hear things like, This is not where I want to be…..OR I’m not where I had planned to be at this stage in my life……….. People feel pushed down, unsure of themselves,… they don’t feel empowered to make a change or ready to take action.

I want to share what I know and start a radically new conversation….. about creating your life rather than reacting to life—
We have to be prepared for opportunity when it knocks and be able to create our own opportunity when it doesn’t knock…

Start With YOU..

YOU are the instrument! We are going to sharpen the instrument….

We don’t come to be highly focused, strong, resourceful and self-disciplined naturally from birth. That’s why it is so critical to Start With You.. and become stronger, more powerful , more responsible and more resourceful. The first step is to sharpen the instrument.

My covenant to you with this podcast is I will provide real, actionable strategies that are useful to help you grow, evolve and become stronger, empowered and more creative.

For this first episode I’ll shared a little bit about me and how I got started.

More will come in future episodes as we peel back the layers.

Three takeaways for today are:

1. Discover your purpose or define a target ….it’s easier to hit a target you can see.
2. Measure you daily activities against your target…are your actions moving you closer to your target?
3. Is you thinking, your mindset consistent with where you want to go.

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