Stress Free Manager

The research behind the STRESS-FREE Manager

  • The Center for Creative Leadership’s research points to poor interpersonal relations as the #1 reason for derailment and failure of leadership.
  • The Carnegie Institute of Technology found that 85% of our personal financial success is due to “human engineering”—i.e., interpersonal skills, personality, communication and negotiation. Only 15% was due to technical skills.
  • It is well documented in research by Hay/McBer Research and Innovation Group that sales people with strong interpersonal skills sell upwards of 50% more than those with weak interpersonal skills.

This research goes further pointing to interpersonal relations at work as a primary source of stress for leaders.

Leaders themselves agree…here’s what we’re seeing in the research: 

  • I would benefit from more personal health and personal fitness components in leadership development. 86% of leaders involved agree
  • My leadership role has contributed to higher levels of
    personal stress. 75% of leaders involved agree
  • I am more stressed at work than I was five years ago. 65% of leaders involved agree
  • I would benefit from a coach to help me manage stress. 79% of leaders involved agree

A 2017 Gallup survey found 66% of the 100 million American workers are not engaged or actively disengaged primarily because many of their supervisors are ill-equipped to manage people and all their idiosyncrasies. 

Recent survey results say almost 70% of managers are scared to talk with their employees.

The Facts:

*Stress is at an all-time high. Interpersonal skills, relationships…holding people accountable, giving feedback, relationships with people is the #1 source of stress for leaders and managers.

*Interpersonal relationships are the #1 cause of derailment AND a primary source of leader stress on the job. But the need for interpersonal expertise has never been greater.

*The higher you go in your leadership roles the more technical skills fade to the background and your interpersonal skills come to the forefront as your primary reason for performance and effectiveness as a leader.

The Problem:

Most leaders are well trained and competent. But the uncertainty and anxiety in today’s work environment can be overwhelming. 

Stress too easily overrides competency especially in high stakes situations and when leaders are worn and exhausted.

Stressed leaders, managers and supervisors are in a position to make poor choices, and bad decisions.

The Solution:Key To Better Leadership Development

We can be more powerful and more effective. In fact, even highly effective….. to the point of High Impact. 

Brian empowers your leaders to make good choices and good decisions from a place of internal strength, confidence and resourcefulness. Brian will transform the anxiety and the high stress condition with a power-shift that transfers skills, behaviors, beliefs and approaches.

Become stronger, more powerful and more resourceful. New interpersonal expertise is at your fingertips.

It’s easier to build strong leaders that prevent problems than to rebuild after the mishap.



  • Effective Stress-Free Leadership Boot Camp: A two-day boot camp specifically designed to eliminate stress and improve organizational performance. In-person, Brian builds the skills of your team and instills beliefs and approaches that can be applied to prevent not treat stress and stress-related problems.

The details: We begin with an engaging strategy session for key executives to assess specific challenges and goals and customize the Boot Camp program to meet your specific needs. From this collaborative effort we then launch the program with a specifically tailored live presentation for leaders, managers and employees. Study guides including Brian’s 10 Minute Leadership Habit, ebook, handouts and Stress-Free Manager Audio Program are included.

  • Highly Effective Stress-Free Leadership: A 30-day program designed to eliminate stress and return the power to leadership. Improve your skill at managing the day-to-day stress. We integrate personal development with leadership competency finally moving the needle from effective to highly effective.

The details: Brian’s three powerful in-person visits begin with a strategy session with key executives where we develop a plan that will move the needle from effective to GREAT. Through in-person and video presentations, Brian will build strength in your team and impart the skill and will for participants to independently improve work situations and incorporate productive habits. Through integrated practice and application participants learn to recognize burnout and shift to productive, supporting behavior that cultivate fulfillment and satisfaction. This program builds skill, personal strength, behavior and habits. Every participant receives study guides, Brian’s 10 Minute Leadership Habit, handouts, the Stress-Free Manager Audio Program and a copy of Brian’s book.

  • High Impact Stress-Free Leadership: This 90-day transformational program is designed to take you and your team to the highest level delivering High Impact. Transform behaviors, prevent problems and conflict and increase accountability. Give your leaders the strength and skill to deliver on the promise of High-Impact. Stress becomes a thing of the past. 

The details: We begin this intensive program with a live executive work session designed as a personal and professional development session. The effectiveness of this program involves what most other programs lack—repetition, reinforcement and application. Brian visits all diverse work units to get an idea of challenges not readily apparent and we build a diverse cohort designed to provide peer support. Brian helps define “influencers” within the cohort who can motivate everyone to operate “above the line” and move the needle on behavior change.

Brian spends four powerful days on site interacting, coaching and delivering live presentations: Two in-person days around the kick off, a mid program and one to close out the 90 days. Prior to launch Brian delivers customized videos and email messages—building enthusiasm for the effort. To open each month’s chapter Brian delivers an inspiring and compelling video that participants can view at work or even at home. Every participant receives study guides, the Stress-Free Manager Audio Program Brian’s 10 Minute Leadership Habit, handouts and a copy of Brian’s book. Due to the intense one-on one coaching involved with this customized High Impact developmental program the number of participants is limited to 20.

The 90-day program is a smaller investment than replacing one sales leader that may depart today.

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