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Your Better Angels Come From Deep and Simple

What do you do when life wears you down? When frustrations, disappointments and subtle (or not so subtle) insults, #Mee Too, harassment and abuses over ride your best efforts? How do you access your better angels? Sometimes the brilliant way upward requires less brilliance than we think. What is deep, simple, essential and most helpful often gets covered up with complexity, information, concepts, and more data than we need. You can’t access your better angels through more data. view article

Don’t Let Life Pull You Down

You undoubtedly have noticed the tendency of life to pull you down. Negative conditioning is like air; you can’t get away from it. To see how this unfolds and to pick up on what for most goes unnoticed, you have to be really paying attention, engaged and not on autopilot. Humans are designed to naturally adapt to stimuli. So the activities of adult living have a way of silently operating in the background influencing and contributing to our thinking, our beliefs, our narratives and our actions and even our………………………… view article