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The Personal Change Myth

There is a huge misconception around  personal change that doesn’t amount to much. People think, I need to change myself. I’m not good enough at_________, I can’t do it, I need more training, I need ABC certification. You don’t need to change yourself to begin creating the life you want. You only need to change one thing to realize any quest you have, to bring to fruition any dream you have. That one thing is at your disposal……………………………….. view article

Knowledge is Power

By pursuing increased knowledge you’ll be building a reserve to draw upon and keep you resilient. The right knowledge will liberate you. You will literally be smarter, stronger, resistant and resilient…wealthy in ways others just can’t understand. Negativity, limitations, demoralization and fear voluntarily inhabit our psyche. Knowledge, inspiration, ideas, enthusiasm, hope, faith and desire—all positives have to be sought after and injected. view article

How to Evolve Your Perspective

How to Evolve Your Perspective: You’ve changed, you’ve evolved, and you’ve grown. Have your habits of thought changed corresponding with your growth? view article