The Enemy?

EnemyCreatures of Habit

It is often said that humans are creatures of habit. We pursue and find success, relax, create a groove and we get comfortable, sometimes very comfortable. When we get too comfortable, the groove becomes a rut. The rut of mediocre, average, lethargy, good enough could be called the enemy it can lead to complacency and inertia.

The groove came about through the trial and error process in pursuit of success—a good thing. But when a groove becomes a rut it turns thing from flow to slow and complacency sets in, we could have the liability of inertia on our hands. This is unproductive especially in today’s climate of uncertainty and constant change. This phenomena is  called the trap of success—we achieve some level of success, find satisfaction and rest on our laurels.

Manage the Enemy

Status quo is the enemy… aka, the current success. If the existing success is not used as a platform for future success, monotony, complacency and inertia can insidiously creep in like a slow pour.  If this pour is allowed to set we may see “concrete” examples such as………

  • An entrepreneur thrives but then business wanes
  • A business succeeds then falters as trends change
  • A manager gets frustrated by disappointments and stops trying
  • A sports team wins a championship then fades
  • A weight loss program plateaus and soon stops

To manage the enemy we need to be relentless with an eye toward positioning beyond average, toward tomorrow’s success. “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” Einstein. In other words what got you here won’t get you there.

We must gain awareness using a telescope to view the outside landscape getting a grasp on what is needed, what we want.

And have a binocular view toward the inside—clarifying core values, and a sense of purpose. Asking, are we desiring or merely wishing for growth, movement and success?  How should we go about creating the future now? Things that worked turned into habits, which brought about the success that led to status quo. What new thinking, new habits are needed to get to what’s next?

Get to know this enemy and thrive

It is a delicate but powerful walk to maintain what works right now while exploring and creating what will work in the future. Status quo then is a reminder to be relentless, to have the ordinary, daily conversations while at the same time, going beyond the mundane, crafting the future.

Keep working with who you are now while becoming who you want to be and you’ll always be managing the enemy rather than the enemy managing you.

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