The Power of One

Power of OneReal Power of One

My experience and study of life, people and organizations, business, entrepreneurship, human development and leadership has led me full circle, right back to the individual. The Power of One.

Leadership models are finite. Flowcharts are static. The real power exists in The Power of One, within the human being, the ultimate strength,  the ultimate power of resilience, triumph, the ultimate renewable resource!

Individuals hold an infinite source of strength, ingenuity, value, compassion and contribution. This is where YOU come in….The Power of One is YOU!  You have the ability to transcend the all too common impediments and distractions to authentic personal leadership. You are the instrument for which successful personal leadership has the possibility to occur on all fronts and in all situations….and change everything!

From right where you are, you have the ability to develop your own brand of personal leadership and spawn your own story of on-the-ground greatness. Lead don’t follow!

Greatness begins with self leadership. How you lead your Self flows into everything you do.  

Let Go

First, you must let go of what is in service of what will be. You must feed your aspiration for change from a mere spark into a burning desire with a brilliant vision that will serve you throughout your journey.

As a 21st century leader, you must face the realities of life and business and cultivate the conditions for success. You are called to thrive, produce and excel in a climate of ambiguity and paradoxes. And, you are the source by which others are uplifted in pursuit of their own journey.

Through you, personal leadership will proliferate and inspire your community and influence the shape of the world around you. Begin right now within your Self. It is easy to look elsewhere for leadership, point out that it is not there and place blame and responsibility on someone else for the void. It’s harder to be the change we all want to see.

The exciting opportunity to change the world by being the change lies within one. We have a choice, not just everyday but every moment within everyday. We can take initiative or dig in and be cynical and obstinate and accomplish nothing.


Theories and models will not automatically implement and create the needed change. The individual breathes life into the leadership theory and models that exist. The theory and models are static tools to be used toward your personal dynamic expression of leadership.

Everything else is in place, what is needed is an individual-based force, The Power of One– that will embrace the opportunities of a new century and a promising yet unknown future. I want to inspire you to harness the tools of leadership with your essence. The result will be new and unique to you and a new and unique personal leadership service to the world.


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