Together We Can Change the World Around Us

We Can Change the World

We Can Change the World

You can change your life. I can change my life. Together we can change the world around us.

Hidden in the people problems, relationship issues, work struggles and, incivility are opportunities for thriving in the imperfections of life and work.  

Most people don’t see this. Or maybe they don’t want to. It’s easier to pretend that we don’t know we can change the world. Complaining, whining, harboring resentment feels more normal. It’s what everybody else is doing. 

I did say hidden, after all. But to be clear, the opportunities are hidden in plain sight. When you pause long enough or stop the treadmill, you see with clarity that our priorities are not well thought out. 

Rather than prioritizing life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, we are chasing wealth, pleasure, and fame. 

In ancient times, Aristotle implored people to change their ways. He thought we should live our lives by the highest moral and ethical standards. That’s where Jefferson got life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, from the ancients.

Aristotle saw the hedonism and the petty fighting it brought out. He saw the discontentment and deep unhappiness in people who were self-centered and focused on wealth. Aristotle saw what we still see today!

Aristotle feverishly studied the human condition. He found general, wide-ranging traits from courage and anger to greed and treating others with incivility. He encouraged striving toward a middle between the extremes.

He thought we should intentionally pursue a virtuous life. Recognize the best and worst traits in ourselves and invest in our innate goodness–generosity, integrity, fairness, and kindness. This Aristotle surmised, would balance out the incivility, negativity, and detraction of daily experience.

Through the small, incremental betterment of Self, one-by-one, we can change the world. 

Pragmatically, this means bypassing the knee-jerk in-kind reaction to a snarky retort. We should use our full intelligence and intentionally respond; keeping the higher good in mind. Never diminish humanity, the very humanity you are one with.

A deliberate and disciplined life of true purpose is strenuous, difficult and possible.

You can change your life. I can change my life. Together we can change the world around us.

Pragmatically, this means bypassing the in-kind, knee-jerk reaction to a snarky retort. We should use our full intelligence and intentionally respond keeping the higher good in mind. Never diminish humanity; the very humanity you are one with.

A deliberate and disciplined life of true purpose is strenuous and difficult. It is truly the heroic life.

Here are my 45 Life Lessons to help you shoulder the responsibility and  take the heroic path:

  1. Life is the ultimate creative act. Create your life rather than react to life
  2. Fear is useless what is needed is effort.
  3. Work on your roots. Don’t treat problems, cure them!
  4. Do everything with integrity.
  5. Build your character.
  6. Daily investment over the occasional view.
  7. Trust yourself.
  8. That feeling you have, what you alone know about yourself, the image of your destiny, keep it close.
  9. There is no power outside of you.
  10. Bring a spirited effort; energy, enthusiasm and enjoyment to everything you do.
  11. Don’t try to find yourself, invest in creating yourself.
  12. We are called to be more than human, and we must trust that we are capable.
  13. Don’t give resentment a home.
  14. A solid, confident core inevitably leads to a solid, productive and meaningful life.
  15. Find your life’s purpose in accepting responsibility.
  16. Work as hard as you possibly can on yourself.
  17. One of the most beautiful things you can do is deeply listen to another human being.
  18. Human connection is vital.
  19. Sleep is underrated.
  20. Speak only the truth
  21. Respect those not present in the conversation.
  22. Negativity will find you. Positivity and growth have to be pursued and injected.
  23. Find people you respect and imitate their efforts.
  24. It’s liberating to discover for yourself what works.
  25. Be a model not a critic.
  26. Lead your life
  27. Be true to the best in you.
  28. Don’t judge, label and accuse.
  29. Make your life a living dialog of goodness.
  30. You can’t hit a target you don’t aim for.
  31. Do everything to elevate humanity and nothing to diminish it.
  32. Notice your mood before anyone else does.
  33. Self-management is underrated.
  34. Be an Advocate.
  35. Emotions are overwhelmingly powerful, and you are full of them!
  36. Lack of awareness, insight and understanding stunts your growth.
  37. Create results every day, so you don’t have to live with consequences.
  38. Recognize the easy access to goodness.
  39. Life is not problematic or agitating, you are.
  40. Health and fitness are not found in a doctor’s office.
  41. Writing is under-appreciated as a highly effective self-realization strategy.
  42. Inspire interest, engagement and action wherever you go.
  43. The mind is your servant not the master.
  44. Humanity is much loftier than anyone can imagine.
  45. You can do it. We should do it. We must do it!

Retain your emotional balance in the face of life and workplace incivility and constructively dispel anxiety—the payoff will be all yours. You will be showing the best possible version of yourself while you are increasing Civility. More here…..

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