The Manager Training Most Needed

Manager Training Most Needed

Manager Training Most Needed

“Coach Brian, why is working in a team so difficult?”

Everybody has technical skills. They have some education, and they are functional. Most people meet the threshold. The biggest difficulty with working in a team, the area of growth if you will, involves the Manager Training Most Needed and yet it is the most overlooked.

Great leaders throughout history have recognized that even since Biblical times, people are our greatest asset at the same time, our greatest challenge.

People training is what is most needed but often overlooked.

Research carried out by the Carnegie Institute of Technology showed that 85 percent of our success is due to skills in “human engineering.” Emotional intelligence, the ability to communicate effectively, tact, diplomacy, the ability to negotiate and, personal leadership.


At some point you suddenly realize all the horizontal training in the world won’t compensate for the need to go deeper….the need to go below the surface and build character, inner strength that outer strengths like skill, process or technique cannot provide.



The Manager Training Most Needed is Learning About People….

Typically, team leaders and team members have trouble getting past individual styles, personal dislikes, petty preferences, other people’s ways of doing things. For example, if you are shy you labeled by others as aloof, condescending or arrogant. Quiet people hold their comments and that makes other team members uncomfortable. There’s a lot of misunderstanding here.

If people don’t know, they make it up and usually what they make up isn’t good.

Here are more examples. But what does your experience tell you?

You’ll find some team members need to talk—they learn from hearing themselves talk. They learn on the fly as they talk. Team members are too quickly judged by others as aggressive, labeled as having too strong of a personality. They are ‘full of themselves.’

Other team members may not have the right words or they stumble. It may take them two or more tries to get it right. With a knee-jerk retort, labeled as incompetent.

People too quickly judge, label and broadly accuse others of: not wanting to be part of the team, incompetent, arrogant, a “freeloader, visualize, “ he doesn’t want to be here.”


Recognize imperfections are part of the human condition.

I encourage you to look around. Witness the manager training most needed for yourself.

That’s what I experience as the most common pain point and difficulty working with teams. People ask for my help around employee/manager relations, team spirit, conflict, tension; intolerance of others and everyday personal leadership gaps for all positions.

I am never asked to enhance technical skills.

What people need is a workplace free of judgment, labels and accusations. We all need advocacy to perform at our best and become the best version of ourselves.   

We need managers who are as human as those they are responsible to manage

Remember, the training most needed must be sought out.

Life isn’t a sitcom

Snarky comebacks work great for sitcom comedians, but they create dissonance, tension, and conflict in real life, or stressful work situations. They act as a heavy drag on progress, productivity, and profit.

  • People are undervalued
  • Emotional Intelligence is overlooked
  • Patience is underrated
  • Self-management gets little or no attention

Before you go let’s close with a bit about understanding

Good people training involves learning the need to understand. One of the best things you can do for yourself and your team is to develop an accurate view of human Nature.

Overall, people are not trying to be offensive or malicious. They are just reacting based on how they have been conditioned. It takes a lot of effort to get past conditioned reactions. It’s societal, in mass culture, they’re all doing it!  But this is how we create a new, more productive culture.

Move the needle upward for humanity by enhancing your human engineering skills.  It is the most important and the most effective thing you can do for yourself and your team. 


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