What If The Key to Success is YOU?

Key To Success Is YOUJust as President Obama left the stage after participating in a DNC roundtable at the Hyatt Regency, Atlanta on March 10, 2015 the inaugural Million Dollar Consulting® Convention was getting underway. Dr. Alan Weiss opened the event which focused on life changing success insights for those who themselves cultivate success in the world. As I listened I penned, What if the  Key To Success Is YOU!

Coaches, consultants–those in the healing profession pursue reinvigoration with a passion. These professionals learn for the sake of learning, growing and evolving.

They know the key to success is YOU and they live by two fundamentals:

  1. In today’s climate, if you’re not growing you’re falling behind.
  2. Reflection, renewal and entrepreneurial reinvention require daily effort not the occasional view.

The Key to Success is you….and be sure to: 

1. Ask the right questions that lead to the right answers that will take you where you want to go.
2. Stay in the moment. We cannot choreograph life.
3. Life is about outcomes, output not input.
4. Persuade and influence, don’t dumb down, rather, help others stretch. Don’t worry about unsolicited feedback.
5. Perspective. No one is shooting at you. You simply cannot be worse off by being rejected. Enjoy it! Your perspective is unlike any others’.
6. What are your sources? Who do you rely on? You are your own best source.
7. New York, New York, technology cannot save you. Talent and judgment will save you. Don’t be afraid to go in with the best and fight with the big dogs.

Key To Success Is YOU

Brian with Alan Weiss

Alan is masterful at distilling messages and creating the greatest value. Any one of his 55 books is a winner.

Dr. Martin Seligman gave the day two keynote and listening to him one gets the feeling that with a simple shift, a flat, smooth carpet will roll out in front of each step you take on your journey to success. Well, maybe not literally but if we are open to new thinking (and acting) we can build any life we choose.

Here are Seligman’s thoughts on success.

Getting rid of what’s wrong to build the best life is a mistake. The target is not reduced stress but rather to build well being!

  • Build well being in yourself
  • Build well being in others
  • Build well being in corporations
  • Make well being a National goal

Seligman said that productivity is a good measure of well being. Well being can and should be built and cultivated by leaders. “Specific things leaders do, their affect on followers directly relates to the accomplishment that follows.”

There it is folks! This is why leadership development is crucial. Leaders are responsible for well being. Well being precedes, influences and colors accomplishment and achievement. The Key To Success Is YOU……..for real! 

Success with building and cultivating well being lies with the PERMA Model that was developed by Seligman through his extensive research.

Positive Emotion: Enjoy yourself in the present moment and cultivate peace, gratitude, inspiration, hope and love. Combine this umbrella principle with the other elements of PERMA.

Engagement: Optimism and optimal performance happens when you are “in flow,” time stops when you are fully engaged and focusing on the present.

Relationships: We are social by nature and good relationships are at the core of well being.

Meaning: Contribution beyond self. Everyone gets excited about contribution. That’s why we work so hard to develop. We increase our value and our contribution.

Accomplishment: Is essential for self-worth, confidence and thriving and it’s important to know that yes, we can do it.

Seligman’s books go into great (productive) detail on the topic of well being, optimism, success and happiness. His Authentic Happiness site has several personal assessments and a wealth of support for your cultivation of well being.

Key To Success Is YOU

Brian with Martin Seligman

As you will often hear me say, the trend is upward, an improved future, raise the bar, increase not just profit, increase the well being standard going into the future. The Key is YOU! Increase the PERMA!



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