What Would YOU Do?

What Would You DoHere’s The Scene:

What Would You Do? You’re working in a career you enjoy. You know you have the ability and desire to contribute, inspire and lead beyond the status quo. You know you can make a difference. So you get your chance, you are asked to take on a leadership role.

You begin doing things your way. Asking for ideas from the team, holding frequent collaborative meetings. You are new to this leadership role but you are invigorated beyond expectations–it provides the challenge and engagement you have been waiting for. Leading a team requires all you have; you are at your edge, you feel more alive than ever!

Then……………….. Your boss calls you into her office and tells you to “tone it down. It’s too much, all the meetings, the discussion, this is not how we do things here.  I’ll give you some things to do.”

I could provide advice here for you to choose from but what is most valuable is for you is to wrestle with options and what YOU would do. how you would respond.

I will offer this: Look up “bad boss” in Google and you will get about 39,200,000+++ results. This is a common situation. I often hear from clients who have experienced a similar situation. I don’t believe anyone is exempt; Seth Godin in his book, “Poke the Box” shares that he encountered a bad boss while working at Yahoo.

Bosses like all of us are fallible ( bad ones even more so).

What the boss does is not nearly as important as how you respond. It stands to reason, if this situation is so commonplace shouldn’t you be thinking and planning how to respond, how you will internalize a bad boss, how you will be proactive when you encounter a similar situation?

I always say Prepare Yourself because anything can happen and it usually does. Here are tools to help you.


Now ask:

1. Who are you going to believe?

2. What would you do?


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