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  • Energy Central: Four Ways to Combat Lukewarm Leadership

    Followers pay attention and watch more closely than given credit for. Indifference, lackluster communications and lethargic efforts are often more conspicuous than appreciated. When change is at hand and the future seems unstable, a leader’s performance can either diminish chaos or enflame it. In these uncertain times, it's even more important for leaders to be consistently decisive. Here are Four Ways to Combat Lukewarm Leadership.

  • Chief Executive Magazine: A Case Study: 4 Ways CEOs Can Stay Focused on Growth in a World of Constant Change

    The world of business is in constant flux. Team members are focused on day-to-day. Senior executives must promote stability while creating growth. Strategy has now become an evolving, adaptive and responsive process that is shaped each day.

  • Networking Times: How Do Managers Become Leaders?

    Transitioning a manager to a leadership role requires more investment today than in the past. Things are more complex and faster moving today. Rather than assume a manager’s effectiveness will continue as they are promoted into leadership roles, senior leaders are wise to put a support strategy in place to ensure succession.

  • Advisor Magazine: For Agency Builders: 7 Secrets to Increase Your Leadership Impact

    Leaders, seize the opportunities in each day to build team momentum. Team members see the climate of uncertainty and shrink back, become risk adverse, anxious and fearful. Your team is looking to leadership for certainty, definitive guidance, vision and a solid commitment. This is an opportunity to increase your leadership impact.

  • Motorworld Magazine: Make Everyone A Leader

    The days of one leader with one vision are fading fast. A team of leaders approach combines the best of collaborative work and individual engagement. Every team member finds their jobs enriched: even if the goal is operational efficiency, everyone has elevated responsibilities and is given the opportunity to showcase their strengths.

  • Predicting and Ensuring Success:There’s more to success than finding investors, attending the best schools, the right training, or having the right background or friends. Really successful people have a combination of talent and qualities they have integrated into their core... read more

  • The Leader Coach 6 Steps to Begin:Leaders who use coaching skills are known to be more effective overall. They unleash potential, improve morale and increase engagement—as high as 40 percent. Coaching also fosters increased independence in your associates, freeing you up to spend more time thinking big and strategizing...read more

  • How To Create A Call Center Culture of Excellence Right Now:The recent trend to bring call center jobs back to the U.S. points to the critical need for excellence in the call center environment. Call center jobs that have been returning to the U.S. typically involve big-ticket items and/or a high value to the customers involved. In addition, Call center work is also advancing from simply documenting and escalating customer complaints to resolving issues such as recalls and technical problems immediately with the first call...read more

  • 6 Keys to Successful Coaching:Coaches offer the you an unbiased “GPS reading” helping you to see beyond limiting beliefs, blinding assumptions and deeply established perspectives. Athletes are intimately familiar with the value of coaches. They understand that natural talent will take you only so far. Similar to Olympic athletes, high-level executive success demands superior performance. The best executives use a coach to develop an integrated plan and maintain a solid focus. Professional guidance keeps them at their best...read more

  • How Managers Transition Into Leaders:Succession planning in organizations often involves managers transitioning to leaders. It makes good business sense because managers represent an investment in the future. They are trusted assets and they know the organization and the players. Organizations have a responsibility to place well-prepared leaders who have the stage set for their success. It wouldn’t be succession planning if the candidates, investors, employees and stakeholders’ interests were not at the forefront. For the would-be leader this is a critical time for personal development, skill development and professional growth...read more

  • 5 Strategies To Dramatically Enhance Workforce Engagement Right Now:Employee engagement is not as simple as job satisfaction. It is more like a sum of its parts. Employee engagement is the rational and emotional connection employees feel that contributes to a willingness to give their discretionary effort at work. The annual costs of this troublesome situation are Employee engagement in the U.S. workplace is at an all-time low estimated in the hundreds of billions. This state of the American workforce puts a drag on businesses and the economy at large...read more

  • Three Fundamentals of Change:It seems everyone is ready for some kind of change in their lives. This paper was written as a general guide to build upon as a strategy for your change efforts…..read more