Who We Work With

We help managers who want to make a difference but are struggling with frustration, overwhelm and burnout.

We improve conditions for Managers at the cornerstone of progress, productivity and long-term momentum.

We work with small to medium size companies across a range of industries including healthcare, service industries, Consumer Products, Energy, Automotive, Technology, Telecommunications, Government, and Not-for-Profit businesses.

These are managers who really try to make a difference but end up feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and on the verge of burnout.

Is This You?

Working to move the needle on growth and productivity of your team while holding everyone accountable has strained relationships. Your team is now doing the bare minimum. You coax, inspire and try to motivate but they roll their eyes and sigh…

Senior leadership wants you to increase employee engagement. Your team is worn from constantly hearing about what they need to do. Absenteeism is climbing. You can’t count on who will show up from your team. Cohesion has weakened. Collaboration has been supplanted by petty conflict.

It feels like problems are coming from every direction.

ManagersYou’ve been to workshops and training but nothing changes. It’s exasperating. You really do enjoy contributing as a manager and you want to make a difference. You can see the potential but there’s just something missing.

More workshops and reading more books is no help. There’s truth to the maxim, if you find yourself in a hole stop digging!

We provide professional and personal solutions, products and services for managers.

We don’t work with everyone. Our most successful clients have the following traits.

They are open to using feedback constructively.

They commit to permanent solutions that prevent problems rather than treat symptoms.

Our best clients create daily progress that builds long-term momentum.

The clients we have the most success with are dedicated to life-long learning and growing. They know that if you are not growing, you’re probably falling behind.

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