Do You Want to Work With a Coach?

Work With a CoachMost people would like to work with a coach because of the self-evident benefits. But two things hold people back:

  1. The belief that coaching is too expensive.
  2. Asking for help is embarrassing. We feel we should be further along, without help.

In this post, I’ll show evidence that those beliefs are myths.

Let’s take the embarrassing, I should be further along before I work with a coach myth first

Executives and CEOs ask for help all the time. Maybe being a CEO gives one the confidence and self-assurance to ask for help. These senior leaders know they are progressing just fine. They ask for help because they know, if they’re not progressing, they are falling behind.  

Senior leaders and CEOs usually have extensive training and experience. They know their specialty is in the function of an organization. They are spread thin and necessarily removed from the day-to-day workings of managers and team members. They can’t be expected to keep up with all the latest best practices in every area. These leaders know where to put effort and what to get help with.

Executives are accustomed to delegating.  They know that entrusting others with critical work frees up cognitive overhead and thus, increases their effectiveness. Also, busy executives don’t have time to read entire books and white papers. They delegate and request the coach to provide the Reader’s Digest version with commentary. This is some of what executive coaches do.

The CEO or executive asks the coach to be a fly on the wall.  We gather behavioral data and then we dialog in a safe, sensitive, confidential context around what we find. 

Now let’s talk about the cost to work with a coach myth

It is true that some coaches charge $500.00 per hour with the median for executive coaching at $425.00. In most cases it’s worth it. The increase in effectiveness can be valuable.

Harvard did a study that involved 60,000 employees and found that it’s less costly to create a star than buy one. For example, one star performer that models desired values and performs well consistently is valued at more than $5,300 in cost savings to a company.

What does this mean for you? There are options. If you are engaged in your own growth and development, if you know what to do, are self-motivated and only need a little inspiration and course correction, you can do well with having access to coaching resources.

If you don’t need your hand held and you have the time and inclination to use wherever you are as the means to become masterful, you could be right there growing with the executives paying $425.00 per hour.

The first thing you should grasp that is implied here is that CEOs and executives who work with a coach are open to learn about themselves, how they are perceived by others and how they can hone their skills. They are working toward mastery.

What about you?

Would you like to learn more about how to work with a coach? 

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