Your Creative Process

Creative Process

Brian Braudis attempting to be creative

Your life is the ultimate creative act. After all, you are sculpting a new YOU from within. You know something about yourself; a latent talent, drive or energy is within you. You have always known on some level that your contribution is unique and yearning to become larger. Begin your Creative Process.

Now the opportunity presents itself to forge your internal hidden talent, from abstract to something tangible; develop from your essence and your unshakeable zest for life. This is your creativity, personal to only you and now you are prepared to seize it. I encourage you not to think overly hard about your level of creativity, rather allow it to intuitively unfold.

Look at it lightly, take on a spirit of play with every activity toward your efforts. Allow yourself the space to try things that feel messy, bumpy or irregular at first, even uncomfortable, out of sorts, but stay with it. The process and self-discovery of your creativity doesn’t have to be perfect. Allow it to unfold slowly, at your own pace. Know that your creative act can be anything you want it to be.

Creativity can serve you as an outlet to release the stress of life and it can also replenish you and create space or a  reserve in you when it seems nothing else will. Your creativity can serve as a wellspring of  ideas and energy to drive your efforts and keep you above the fray. Engage yourself in the Creative Process of what is possible and stay with it! Breakthroughs come from persistence.

  • Try experiencing Nature to discover and “touch”your unique creativity.
  • Take an art class, or just start drawing, doodling is a good start.
  • Grab a camera and click!
  • Read up on a subject of interest and develop expertise.

Creativity is not limited to artwork. A unique, innovative way to solve a problem, develop yourself or offer a service is also creative. Approaching a challenge in a innovative way–such as developing one’s Self is creativity at its best. A unique (counterculture) approach to life’s teachings and the process of personal evolution is creativity that shines moment by moment through you. This creativity is truly inspirational! Inspire, Be Inspired!!

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