Your Pie of Success

What most influences your pie of success?

At the success convention I attended last month there was one outstanding point that continues to ring through my thoughts all these days later.

Research tells us that perseverance and resilience are twice as important to success as talent and IQ.

This is a fact worth spending time with. If you visualize success as a pie divided into three pieces, two of those pieces would equal your ability to persevere and be resilient and if 2/3 of effort are twice as important as talent, that makes talent the smallest piece of pie.


Your Pie of Success

Only one small part of your pie of success is equated to talent and no one can say what that “talent” could be.

It could be talent to:

  • Persist in the face of adversity
  • Come up with and try new ideas
  • Persevere and be resilient.

Just imagine if your talent was to persevere and be resilient? Add that to the research showing perseverance and resilience are twice as important to success as talent and IQ. Assess your talent here.

What would that mean for your success effort? When you seek out a promotion, submit a book proposal, engage a new client, remember:

Maybe no doesn’t really mean no, it simply means not now, not at this moment. We must persevere and invite “other moments,” second attempts, third, fourth…. countless attempts.

Your Pie of Success should be the summit to you

Sometimes people are just not ready for your overture but it’s not a reflection of you, your talent or your idea. This has been proven. The now world famous Dr. Suess was rejected 27 times before he published. Some record producer told The Beatles they were not that good and by the way guitar music is on its way out. Speaking of “way out” be selective with who you listen to!

We must pursue and persist even in the face of internal doubt, external rejection, discomfort, mistakes, failure and setbacks. My entire Success Category is designed as support for you to do just that…persist and pursue no matter what you may come up against.

No simply means not now, but perhaps another time when you try again. In reality, no only means what you allow it to mean. Your Pie of Success is still waiting…………….

Here’s some learning I experienced first hand.

You have a great idea so with exuberance you share it with boss, you can hardly contain yourself. Your boss tells you, “Being creative is not as important as being compliant, and….it’s a bad idea.” Forget about ideas. I’ll find work for you to do.

Who are you going to believe?

No one can tell you “no” without your consent. Don’t allow no to mean never.

Do the things no one else will so you can live like no one else can.

©Brian Braudis 2019, All rights reserved


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